Silent Hill by Bloober Team is a worrying combination

XO: This Wednesday, the studio behind Layers of Fear and Blair Witch, entered into a partnership with Konami. In a statement, Bloober Team explained that they will be sharing information and technology as well as serving as joint developers on unnamed projects. It’s a pretty vague description of their partnership, but it hasn’t stopped the speculation foundries from firing up.

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CaptainHenry916706d ago

My expectations is really low for this game. Regardless how it turns out good luck to Blooper team

SullysCigar705d ago

They'll need more than luck going by their past games. All are okay, nothing more.

An IP like this needs a decent developer with a proven track record. Otherwise, please, just don't bother.

Vits705d ago

They did prove that they can craft a good atmosphere if they try with The Observer. Their problem is always the gameplay aspect of things. So I feel they would be more suitable for a support role here, crafting set pieces for another studio like Tango Gameworks.

In any case though. Is not like Silent Hill is a particularly consistent stellar franchise. We like to only remember the good ones by Team Silent. But the true is that at it this point the series has seen worse than the worse Bloober Team has putted out.

So if worse come to worse. We will just get another Homecoming or another Downpour.

FanboysKiller705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

I get what you mean but tg focus heavily on weapons system and upgrades, both of them make excellent sh games but they are just a different beasts on their own.

masterfox705d ago

True, the medium wasnt that great, looks barely average , and if so making a silent hill game wont live up to its name imo.

Rambokind705d ago

What on earth are you going on about? The Medium is a fun game, not perfect, but it captures the atmosphere perfectly and tells a stellar story. Maybe stop playing so many CoD games?

solideagle705d ago

If a horror game is explained as "fun" game then I am even more worried for silent hill :D :P

JTShiny705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

I want to be terrified in a horror game, not just having fun.

GamerRN705d ago

So wait... Horror games aren't supposed to be fun?

Dwarrior705d ago

So the guy doesn't like The Medium. Therefore he must be a CoD player.

Grow up.

Lostbytes704d ago

Maybe, stop calling interactive visual novels.....Games. They are not. They are the evolution of "Choose your own adventure" Book. "Medium" was nothing more, than a walking simulator as a vehicle for a decent story. Barely could classify it as a game, IMHO.

gleepot704d ago

I'm a huge horror fan, and the medium was extremely mediocre and boring. It's not a fun game. At all.

704d ago
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AriesBear704d ago

The medium was really good i don’t know what your smokin.

Kurt Russell704d ago

I thought it lived up to its name. It was middle of the road, with some nice ideas... outdated basic puzzling and just a general lack of world interaction.

Knightofelemia705d ago

A new SH game I'll believe it when I see it as for Blair Witch I played it and got bored of it

Magog705d ago

Yeah they suck. The IP is worthless without the brains behind the originals.

Rambokind705d ago

They suck? Are you always this jaundiced and myopic?

Popsicle704d ago

It always amazes me the banter on here. For people that share similar interest one would think we would be a little nicer to each other.

jeromeface705d ago

takes like this are worthless, we don't have time machines yet

Magog705d ago (Edited 705d ago )

We have seen the other games from Bloober though. We have seen all the awful western developed Silent Hill games.

Tedakin705d ago

I think they make very good horror games. Blair Witch and Medium had some great moments. Some very creepy moments. There's just no way they can achieve what the early SH games did. It's going to always be a shame the Kojima/Del Toro version fell through.

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