5 Things Battlefield 2042 Must Learn From Battlefield V’s Mistakes

DICE has a really good chance to hit a homerun with Battlefield 2042, and here are five things it should avoid learning from Battlefield V's mistakes.

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thorstein116d ago

1 Include Anti-Cheat
2 Include Anti-Cheat
3 Include Anti-Cheat
4 Include Anti-Cheat
5 Include Anti-Cheat

excaliburps116d ago

This is also why I mostly play multiplayer shooters on consoles. And yeah, EA needs to be on the ball with this. There are already cheats for sale even now.

Pre-ordering cheats. Yeesh.

Rachel_Alucard116d ago

Not just that. How about actually banning people who get reported for it instead of having to throw screenshots and videos in front of the one in charge on twitter? There were people in BFV still running around months after cheating every match completely untouched by anybody. Reporting is just a placebo to feel like you got justice on EAs games.

TheSinsibleOne115d ago

So I just report you and you get banned immediately. Sadly that's why they need proof.

Rachel_Alucard115d ago

I never said that? The report button is useless in game and people shouldn't need to go the CM to get anything done about notorious cheating. All they have to do is take one look at your record or even a single match to see, but they never even do that.

John_McClane115d ago

I hear a lot about cheaters but I never see any.

Rachel_Alucard115d ago

You'll see them doing things like headshots with an LMG across the map since they have auto aim with no recoil. I have had way too many to count on BFV that still have everything as if they never did anything.

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TheHan116d ago

My biggest issue is limiting Weapons to certain classes, I get the equipment but not a rifle…

Teflon02116d ago

They did it to balance roles. But they're allowing all classes to use all weapons now so shouldn't be a issue anymore

Muzikguy116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

I personally liked the feature, but shall see how this turns out. I haven't played a BF game in a long time. COD either

Saijahn115d ago

Hopefully visibility will be better. The map size already makes the players seem like ants at a distance and now they're adding more players to the mix. Also go back to the old spotting mechanic. So far I like what I've seen, haven't enjoyed a battlefield multiplayer since hardline.

TheHan114d ago

@Saijahn; Yes I agree, the spotting system needs to be brought back and be more affective. If you see four soldiers running over a hill you should be able to mark the 4 in site without having to try and spot each individual soldier. This is one of the most useful features they had, yet ruined it in their future installments.

kitano1947115d ago

1 custom third party severs
2 custom third party severs
3 custom third party severs
4 custom third party severs
5 custom third party severs

slate91115d ago

I knew they would say something about health regen/ammo. Ugh.

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