Low on Goodwill, Don't Expect Dragon Age 4 or Mass Effect 4 Any Time Soon From BioWare

Ed writes: BioWare cannot afford to put out another "bad" game; be it Dragon Age 4, or Mass Effect.

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-Foxtrot80d ago

Dragon Age 4 was clearly announced far too early because they knew Anthem was going to bomb, a game released a month later after it was announced

monkey60280d ago

Yep. EA even announced Skate 4 like the day after they just decided to greenlight the project. That's ridiculous! There won't be anything to see of that game for years

addictedtochaos79d ago

I’d rather they take their time and get it right.

CrimsonWing6979d ago

I’d rather them not announce anything until it’s launching within a year’s time. Everyone says they want them to take their time and get it right, yet Cyberpunk took 7 or so years from their announcement and when they said they’d delay it they received death threats. That game came out pretty wet n’ messy. I think if these devs/publishers wait to announce a game they can avoid sh*t like that and it doesn’t make the wait painful for fans.

Exvalos79d ago

1 more flop and more likely that not ea is going to close the doors on that studio.

Darkborn79d ago

I'm pretty sure this game is getting fully redone. They said multiple times before recently changing their tune this game was anthem with dragons. Recently though, EA said they are no longer requiring multiplayer in their games, which means they did require it for a time. So who knows, I just hope it doesn't chase the love service crowd like anthem and flop.

lonewolf1079d ago

I now want a love service game 😎

PiNkFaIrYbOi79d ago

Didn't know that Mass Effect 3 released in 2021 almost a decade ago. Shouldn't these sites have editors to like go over articles and catch this stuff?

Also, why are they putting Mass Effect 4 in the title? Doesn't make much sense since they pretty much went forward with the franchise by starting a new story in the franchise that died with the first game in the new story.

djl348578d ago

Because it is a continuation of the Mass Effect trilogy. Not that hard to understand.

PiNkFaIrYbOi78d ago

With how 3 ended can't be a direct continuation of the original trilogy. That is why they made the fourth game Andromeda.

djl348576d ago

It is literally Liara in the ME4 trailer. It is a continuation of the trilogy.

PiNkFaIrYbOi76d ago

That doesn't mean much since the asari can live very long lives. As it could be hundreds of years after the ending of the trilogy.

djl348576d ago

Yea, she's only walking on a dead reaper and picking up an N7 armor piece but yea, not a direct sequel uh?