Netherrealm Studios ends support for Mortal Kombat 11

The Outerhaven writes: Netherrealm Studios has officially announced that they are no longer supporting Mortal Kombat 11 after doing so for the last two years.

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sourOG108d ago

Lmao lame. I wish MK was owned by a Japanese company.

TallDarknWavy108d ago

They did a ton of DLC, it's time to move on to the next game. I wish they had multiple teams running Injustice and MK, maybe they do I don't know, but I was never a fan of Injustice, I'd rather see more MK sooner.

sourOG108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

They did but I disagree it’s time to move on. In the past they moved on because their new game came out. It sounds like their next game whatever it is isn’t coming out for awhile. NRS has been radio silent for months and they will probably continue to be for years. Street fighter 5 is a completely different game now and has been supported for how many years?

Yeah same here. MK is probably my favorite franchise and I couldn’t care less about injustice. Exactly, I’d rather see more MK dlc.

On a side note: what’s up with the rainbow MK symbol? Lmao

TallDarknWavy108d ago

You haven't noticed the men in MK keep getting increasingly scantily clad and the women are increasingly covered up? This has been a general trend the last two games.
Netherrealm studies has a ton of gay guys working there. Because hiring people based on who they want to have sex with, their genitals and melanin cell count magically makes for better products! (It doesn't)

sourOG108d ago

Still seems like an odd product for random pandering to me lol. The death tournament symbol in rainbow colors lmao.

Terry_B107d ago

so you could buy more dlc? lol. The game already got as many character as a Street Fighter V, SoulCalibur V or arc system games in 4 years actually. It has 37 playable characters. With 3 dlcs including an excellent story expansion, more stages as well as more moves and costumes.

sourOG107d ago

Hell yeah keep it going. How about a pit stage lol. The number of characters doesn’t mean as much as support. If you support your games for 10 years those fewer characters get many more changes. Sometimes they feel like new characters. Shao Kahn was ass for 98% of mk11’s life cycle, now he’s a monster. Those kinds of changes didn’t happen enough. I played almost only as shao Kahn since the beginning so I know lol. This news means no patches or changes, this is how mk11 is from now on besides random bug fixes.

I would buy another story expansion, would you? I’d buy more characters. I’d take regular support of character and meta changes. They are done though, I’m deleting it finally. My sourness is really just me wishing ash Williams ended it lol. The pros are playing mkx on twitch so NRS cut the cord. No big tournaments included mk11. The regular support is different for Japanese fighting games. They change the entire meta, add ins not add ons. That’s what I meant with my first comment.

chiefJohn117107d ago

Well said sour, liu kang and Shao khan are mains. I was a beast even before khan got buffed but I see how they didn't do him justice in many ways. I need to hop back on cause I haven't played since the patch

sourOG107d ago

Yea kahn was an absolute blast. When I say he was ass I just mean in terms of matchups against other characters. When you get your momentum it was really fun but it was really easy to get f***ed up with kahn. He’s a lot better now but honestly, playing with shitty kahn made me a much better player lol. It was hard for me to loose that muscle memory and switch characters.

Chevalier107d ago

"On a side note: what’s up with the rainbow MK symbol? Lmao"

One Shang Tsung has that rainbow 🌈 friendship finish and more importantly it's probably to celebrate pride month.

sourOG107d ago

Ahh yeah that makes sense lol. I don’t go on Twitter they are probably all rainbows.

ScootaKuH107d ago

So MK goes woke then?

Oh dear

FunAndGun107d ago


Well, they aren't going broke. Deal with it.

PurpHerbison107d ago

If it was owned by a Japanese company there is a strong chance it would have the worst netcode ever.

Chevalier107d ago

I hear Guilt Gear Strive has good net code

sourOG107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I’m not much of a guilty gear player but I will probably pick up the complete version on sale later. MK is the only fighting game where I actually put some effort into online but I enjoy most of them. Mk11 had WiFi scorpion too lol. I was like 60/40 in my win losses and I was really happy about it. I thought I would do much worse. I picked kahn and ran with it lol. My defense has leveled up a lot.

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CobraKai108d ago

They gave us a ton of content. Thanks Netherrealm. I’m still playing MKX and 11. I can’t wait for Injustice 3 (I’m assuming their next project is Injustice 3)

Elda108d ago

It's supposedly a Marvel fighting game.

SDuck107d ago

That rumor has so many loopholes it's crazy

CobraKai107d ago

I didn’t know that. I’d love to see a Netherrealm Marvel game and I’d love to see Capcom use DC

blackblades108d ago

Yeah, I also cant wait for injustice 3. My main thing about there games are the online. It be lagging and get random disconnection even if I'm at full bars. It ruin the tournament's as it scree me one time doing injustice 2 tournament. Japanese fighting games I have less of that problem.

tombfan108d ago

Great game with lots of content... Sadly I'm one of those few that wait until they make the ultimate ultimate final ultimate version to buy (like they did, already bought it and finished it)

-Hermit-107d ago

Same. I am somebody that tends to wait for fighting games because I know that they are going to release a ton of DLC. I may miss out on the online part's most popular period, but I don't care, I'm more of single player person when it comes to fighting games anyway.

Michiel1989107d ago

I used to do this as well, now i really want to start them when they release. to learn the game along with the rest of the playerbase. I always feel that if i wait for the ultimate version the only people who play online are the veterans which kick my ass so badly its not even funny. I never buy or care that much about dlc characters etc so I never feel like im missing our or being ripped of that much.

FlintGREY108d ago

NRS always kills their own games. Sad that Street Fighter 5 and Tekken 7 is still being supported and MK won't be

fsfsxii107d ago

ironically, those two games are the worst received titles in their respective series
they should abandon ship.

Venox2008108d ago

Well..does that mean that Ash from Evil Dead wont be there? :(

The7Reaper107d ago

I mean "ends support" is a definite no on him appearing, maybe in MK12

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