Games With Classic Disney Characters We Want to See In The Future

TechRaptor writes, "We break down some Disney games we'd like to see in the future."

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brewin203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

I used to like the Disney games that Capcom made. I wouldnt mind seeing some of these Ubisoft style open world games being adapted with Disney properties. Kids these days always want to play GTA or Assassins Creed. Why not make games like those, but kid friendly with Disney and other properties? The tech is there, it shouldnt be too hard to copy/paste the gameplay and such with other properties. If it was done right, even adult gamers would enjoy them. They would be a good way to explore the theme parks for people who dont want to spend thousands on a trip there.

Rebel_Scum201d ago

I’d like Disney to come back into gaming with some 2D platformers with great art like back in the day. RIP Virgin Games…