Ranking Every Mortal Kombat Game From Worst To Best

Cultured Vultures: With 14 proper entries, we've gone to the trouble of ranking the Mortal Kombat games. Special Forces is clearly number one.

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Rebel_Scum80d ago

MK1 is waaaay too low on this list.

Master of Unlocking80d ago

MK1 was impressive for its time, but it had little more than digitized actors and over-the-top ultra-violence to shine compared to the japanese competition. The gameplay was punchy but that's about it: the animations were super-stiff, jumps were all the same, and no combos kept it from standing shoulder to shoulder with a certain Street Fighter II.
The MK series really only grew to become a serious opponent among japanese fighting games with MK9 (or simply Mortal Kombat as it was called) on the PS3/Xbox 360. Its 2 sequels MK X/MK XL & MK 11/MK 11 Ultimate followed suit and, what can I say, it's pretty much awesome now. I for one especially like those guest characters they have in those games now. I never got to play as Freddy since I only have the base MK 9, but man I sure enjoyed playing as Leatherface and Jason in MK XL, just like I'm sure I'll have fun playing as Robocop and the Terminator once I grab MK 11 Ultimate.

Gregmiltown80d ago

MK9 will likely stand as my favorite all time.

Dandizzle80d ago

This list is missing amageddon, the only entry with all characters. This list was made by a kid who was not around in the early days of MK

sourOG80d ago

I agree with the list give or take a few.

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