Guilty Gear Strive Removes China References From Backstory

The backstory in Guilty Gear Strive has been edited in order to remove various terms sensitive to China. These terms include Uyghur, Taiwan, and Tibet.

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MeteorPanda79d ago

wow...sensitive to china? must be hella rough being an oppressor

Inverno79d ago

Chinese government setting the standard for how to be a snowflake. 👏

NukeDaHippies79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Lol so where will Jam be from? Hopefully this means they won't give Jam some silly Chinese accent...that wouldn't be great.

anubusgold79d ago

Bowing down to china again im tired of these companies im not buying this game now im sick of this crap.

VTKC78d ago

I was going to wait for one of those complete editions of this game with you know all the characters etc but after this news I will be saving my money to buy some other game.

King_Noctis79d ago

Gotta pay respect to the overlord.

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