Sony's PS Plus missteps risk the PS5's consumer image

Publishers locking subscribers out of PS5 updates is a minor issue on paper - but in a critical year, the missteps may stack up.

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waverider630d ago

Missteps is not having games. That the biggest missetps a company can make. Not being ready..... Players want games and not promises...

NeoGamer232630d ago

While that is completely true. It is hard to argue that any of the consoles do not have games. All the consoles have been getting third party games and there are a lot of them. What you are probably eluding to is first party games.

To me, this is more and more coming down to a total cost of ownership discussion. I know it isn't an apples-to-apples comparison, but these things all add up. For a lot of people cost matters. Sure most of the people on this site, are more or less core gamers and therefore pay more then most people to play games just like a hard core cyclist will buy the $3,000 bike instead of the $200 bike. But, there is the majority of people who care about the price and want to make sure they get value for cost.

Ghosts of Tsushima Director's Cut $20, to get the expansion, and $10 more to get next gen version. Spider-man MM, had to buy it to get the next gen upgrade to Spider-man from PS4. These little nickel and dimings add up.

Same with Greedfall and FFVII R. Just another cost where many gamers expect it in what they already have.

If all you care about is first party action-adventure games (Ghosts, Spider-man, Uncharted, TLOU, etc.) there is only one console for you to buy, but if you are talking games, cost, subscription services, access to games on many devices, PC, etc into account as well, then there are other options that are competitive with PS. A lot of people can only really afford one platform and that is a financial stretch. When cost is a major driver, then Sony is not the clear winner there. To me, Sony is becoming the Apple of consoles. Yes, they have the best games, but Microsoft looks like they are becoming the Android of consoles where you can get a lot of the same for much cheaper.

oldenjon630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

IMO it's not much different than the last console cycle which had remastered versions of games like TLoU, Dark Souls II, etc. It's actually better this gen with some upgrades being completely free or less than a proper remastered release. I think Microsoft is setting a new precedent, eating costs to gain a market advantage and gamepass subscriptions w/ things like smart delivery and gamers are now feeling entitled to free shit more than anything.

waverider630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

Dude, there no spin available. Want new games, Want next gen games, Want exclusives games, Want a console, The answer is the PS5, Where you dont wait for promises for years. You play games. New ones. Everything else is just talk. No dude, the PS5 wont ever be the apple of consoles, Thats why you can buy a next gen console, not a cross gen console, by 399. just like the PS4. The cheapest on the market. And no you cant get a lot of the same... thats the problem you get a lot of promises....

Extermin8or3_629d ago

Greedfall and ff7 won't be sony's decision.... they'll be their developers and publishers decision.

NeoGamer232629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

I think the difference between last generation and this generation is that MS was moving out of first party studios at the start of the last generation, and they are coming into this generation adding first party studios.

All is true on the subscription and free stuff. Not sure if it is cost eating or just changing the expectations of the business model. They never charged a thing more for BC last generation and still aren't. Their history isn't eat costs for market share... Their model has been more consistent with creating change in the business model and sticking with the change.

Your post has no logic. Just a rant trying to justify insecurity. There are many next gen only and optimized games both new and old available to XB owners.

All the vendors are making promises don't keep. Open your eyes.... Sony promised they believe in gens yet are shipping games on previous gen consoles. Sony promised Horizon, GT, R&C, and Returnal in first half of 2021. Yet, GT was delayed almost the next week, and Horizon is now for Holidays. God of War Ragnorok promised for 2021 and now 2022. Promised you can put an NVMe third party drive on PS5, still not fulfilled. Sony is just as bad as Microsoft if you actually look at their promises. Wanna keep going back? Remember online gaming would always be free? PS3 promised 1080p gaming at 60 fps, constant delays of first and third party games on PS3. Heck The Last Guardian got delayed a full generation. Yes, MS has been bad at promises but to say one has promised better then the other is just plain wrong.

You can demonize MS and that is fine. But to say Sony is an angel is just pure blindness.

oldenjon629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

@NeoGamer232 I think it's a bit of both. Microsoft has a new model, and the smart delivery options are no doubt factored into the cost of development, sure. It's a well known fact that consoles are sold at a loss, at the beginning of a new generation anyways, and I think it's fair to assume that this idea extends to the new services Microsoft is offering. Sony isn't just charging more because they can, it is more likely because there is an actual cost associated with post-development upgrades / content and it's not going to pander to gamers with discounts and promotions that aren't part of a bigger business strategy. I have doubts about how profitable gamepass and smart delivery are currently, they seem more of a long game scheme than something that makes a lot of money for Microsoft right off the bat. Sony is catching up in its own way, and improving from last gen over all. Bottom line is games like GoT aren't on Xbox, so it's rather difficult to compare.

NeoGamer232629d ago

The way I look at GamePass is that if they keep bringing good stuff to GamePass I stay subscribed. If they don't then I will let it go. Personally, don't care about Microsoft's financials. I rate what is happening not what is going to happen. They can promise all they want, but I only assess delivery.

And so far GamePass has delivered for me. GamePass Ultimate is essentially the price of two games for the year. At any one time I have about 4-6 GamePass games on my console so it is paying for itself over and over again. While GamePass does have cannon fodder, there is a ton of good stuff there as well.

oldenjon629d ago

@NeoGamer232 Yeah I'm not trying to debate the merits of gamepass. Just saying it doesn't really make sense to hold Sony to the same standard when their strategies are so different.

SurgicalMenace629d ago

What people are truly failing to see is that these companies have to make their money in order to keep delivering to the level that we've come to expect them to. Just like with anything else premium, that involves cost.

What it looks like is a particular part of the community that may HAVE to be more price conscientious expecting to receive what those who don't do. How many of them would go to a Porsche or Bentley dealership expecting to pay Prius prices?

Yes, Microsoft, will give it to you free and has a service that let's you play for cheaper, but these are things they HAVE to do to be relevant in the industry. Where are their consistent examples of excellence that you find in R&C, Horizon, Zelda, or Mario? What game does Microsoft have that can mentioned in the same conversation as these games?

Do you see Nintendo or Sony scrambling to "find" an answer to gamepass, quick resume, smart delivery, etc? No. Why? Because they both deliver on a level that MS cannot match in content alone.

It would seem that all the thrifty gamers have rallied onto the side of MS and believe that their constant whining is going to change how the other players play. If you can't afford it until you can, that's fine, but stop acting as though you're the voice for those of us who understand it takes money to grow. I'm personally old enough to look at a price and decide if I want to pay it or not without crying about it.

Sorry, but, it's not the job of these companies to make it comfortable for you to engage in something that's NOT needed. Gaming is a luxury, that same as fine dining, foreign cars, or the like. If your life efforts does not match the rising costs needed to partake, then perhaps a career change is in order or the exploration of a new hobby. You don't deserve an outcome just because you want it. Grow up.🤷🏾‍♂️

Seraphim629d ago

"Same with Greedfall and FFVII R. Just another cost where many gamers expect it in what they already have."

& therein lies the problem. Gamers expect free upon free upon free. All for a game they did not actually purchase. Now I agree or will say that it would be nice to see those upgrades move forward regardless. I do own VII:R on disc & will admit it would've been nice to just upgrade the digital PS+ version. However, this entire attitude of I'll wait till it's on PS+/Gamepass etc is one of many things wrong with gamers; death threats and revolts over delays are atop that list. On top of that mentality now we have gamers expecting games offered for free to also offer free upgrades. While there may be handouts aplenty in the world expecting them is a major problem. These aren't charitable companies nor are games a necessity.

As for Spiderman. I will also admit that was kind of BS. Though I bought the DLC on sale and didn't even touch any of it until after I got the platinum trophy in Miles Morales, but I still bought the game and DLC. It's also a major reason I stay away from DLC; because I often never touch it & have long since moved on from the game. At the same time, while it would be nice to have that upgraded version I honestly don't give two shits. The PS4 version is more than capable of still being enjoyed, played and still looks great on PS5; coming from Pro. Ghost Director's Cut along with Death Stranding DC. another two I don't care about. Ghost was a great game but I already got the platinum and have zero interest in going back.

Sony found themselves on a pedestal with the success of PS and PS2. I do feel like they're sitting back on that pedestal and getting, perhaps, a bit greedy and arrogant. However they have also earned that spot on the pedestal from years of investing heavily into developers and acquiring them. From releasing so many great games it likely shatters any game publishers library in quantity and quality. It's only a matter of time before they truly shoot themselves in the foot or Nintendo/MS take the reigns and force Sony to rethink operations; as doubtful as it seems. While Sony continues to brings phenomenal 1st party titles they do need to check themselves. Just not for most reasons one would think, imo. 2 cents.

NeoGamer232629d ago

With your car analogy there are many cars that are more status cars then they really are premium cars. They have 95% of the features of Bentley or whatever but they aren;t as expensive and are higher volume. In reality people buy Bentleys to say they bought a Bentley rather then it being a real special car that you can't buy elsewhere cheaper.

hectorius629d ago

NeoGamer2329h ago(Edited 9h ago)

***You can demonize MS and that is fine. But to say Sony is an angel is just pure blindness.***

Demonise MS?? Isn't that what you MS kiddies are trying to do with Sony/PSN?? Lets get some FACTS going shall we BOI???

PS Plus Subscriber Count Reaches an Impressive 47.4 Million
87% of PS5 owners are subscribed
LiamCroftby Liam Croft Wed 3rd Feb 2021***

As of 4 months ago, Jimbo has raised PS+ Subscriber count to 47.4m and not ONCE has PS + had to humiliate itself by offering it for $1 per month/quarter.. Of those numbers, 87% are actually PS 5 owners.. As Jimbo is getting more consoles to the market than Spenser, this is over 100% of the Series S/X userbase.

***There are now 47.4 million active PS Plus members, representing an increase of 8.6 million compared to the same time last year.***

In just 1 year, Jimbo has raised the subscription ownership over 22%.

Seems like PS owners are perfectly happy with PS+, which has 2x the subscribers of Gamepass.. With 120m PS 4/5 owners compared to 50m XBoneS/X - Series S/X, which has come nowhere near PS 3s 85-90m shove the fake concern up your jacksie and direct it to where its really needed.

rdgneoz3629d ago

"Same with Greedfall and FFVII R. Just another cost where many gamers expect it in what they already have."

Greedfall is by Spider Games and FFVII R is from SE, both of which Sony doesn't own. And if you actually bought both games, you got the next gen upgrade for free.

So besides Spider-Man (which got a PS5 version 2 years later) and GoT, they've been good. TLOU 2 even released a PS5 performance patch and same with Ratchet and Clank PS4 getting a 60 fps PS5 patch after getting released for free back in March. And they even gave away a bunch of free games at the beginning of the year for everyone, like Horizon, Subnautica, the Witness, etc. Subscription cost? There are constant deals on PS+ all the time - got 3 years for $60 (normal price for a year) a few months ago and they normally have half price for a year around black friday (Xbox Gold was almost double the price at $60 for 6 months till user backlash made them walk back on it in January).

"Yes, they have the best games"

Which is why if you care about games you'd get the system. If you prefer to wait a while on empty promises (the cloud...) or wait for games (Halo Infinite was originally a launch title...), you can go elsewhere.

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Chexs1990630d ago

They also do not want censorship and ridiculous consumer practices

brewin630d ago

This "Xbox doesnt have games" argument again?! Lol Xbox has PLENTY of games. If you dont have one, you wouldnt know! And not being ready?! really reaching there as just about everything on both consoles is cross gen right now. What is exclusive next gen ps5 only? Ratchet and Returnal (which is a very niche title). Then what? Even Demon Souls is a ps3 remake. Everything is cross gen right now and will be for the foreseeable future. Horizon, God of War, all the big PS5 exclusives are also on ps4. I blame the scalpers. Between them and the pandemic, it just make sense for Sony to put the games out on ps4 as well, to recoup some of the costs to develop.

waverider630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

The reality is that. Right now. Microsoft still didnt launch a single game. A single one. The excuse you can play on the PS4 doesnt work. Who cares. After watching HZD... Dude that excuse doesnt work. After playing Miles Morales on the PS5? After playing Demons soulds that excuse doest work. The reality is that the first new game from Microsoft will come with Forza at november... I dont know when Halo is coming.... Of course that i dont care about ports from PC games olds and new coming. The first Blockbuster is coming 9 november. Thats the reality. Unitl then ZERO. Thats almost one year later. The PS5 comes with a free exclusive...

brewin630d ago

@ Waverider

OK. Sure. There are still cross gen Xbox exclusives that were given new content, Hivebusters for example. And these upgrades their older games were given are very significant upgrades. But there are games, tons of them! There are also lots of indie games that just arent on PS at all, like the Wild at Heart. A great indie title that I had a blast with!

Hell, I had fully planned to buy The Show 21 for my PS5, but I held off cuz it was out day 1 on Gamepass. There are tons and tons of games available, only a true fanboy would say otherwise. We're talking games, I didnt say they had more 1st party stuff. And there are lots of them that are not available on Playstation at all. Sure several are, and I play a lot of third party stuff. Fact is, there are TONS of games on Xbox Series X, most of them significantly enhanced for the platform. Those are FACTS

anast630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

Thanks for setting this up, I love to bag on some MS Xbox...Every one loves 30 years of Halo and Forza...just get a PC if MS diehard fandom is necessary. Their exclusive content has been subpar for almost 2 decades. This is an objective fact. Even their release content has been non existent. Game Pass doesn't count. It's like saying I have a new car, but really it's just a shiny used car. This is another fact.

@Hivebuters is a's niche too. Wild at Heart...Niche

629d ago
cd1629d ago

I'm no fanboy and yes MS have games but you have missed a few PS5 exclusives off your list.

Returnal, Astrobot and Destruction allstars...I think.

Moe-Gunz629d ago

I have a series X and it doesn’t have games. There I said it.

629d ago
Robodrake629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

"What is exclusive next gen ps5 only? Ratchet and Returnal (which is a very niche title). Then what? Even Demon Souls is a ps3 remake. Everything is cross gen right now and will be for"

Copy weak argument, paste. Copy, paste. Copy, paste.

Demons Souls, ratchet and returnal is a hell of a better effort than what MS has given. It's as simple as that. End of story.

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Jericho1337630d ago

You should be a politician with the amount of deflecting you’re doing. And why do you talk as if exclusives are the only games that matter? Such narrow-mindedness.

625d ago
Jericho1337624d ago

Wow if that’s how you generalise multiplatform games then you’re continually missing out on some absolute bangers. Enjoy living in your bubble then I suppose.

z2g629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

uh.... plenty of games coming, bruh. starting next month... and not only that, there are PLENTY of games on the series x, even if you don't include 3 generations of previous games supported and enhanced by xbox BC.

don't defend getting screwed. I have a ps5, compared to my series x its made a lot of missteps... sorry but true. anything from game pass being amazing in comparison to trying to upgrade games on the systems and save data. ps5 is a mess. they have some good first party, but even the current ps5 exclusives available wouldn't make me go buy a ps5 in retrospect. in fact I barely play my ps5. ratchet and clank was the only game that made me fire it up recently, and now thats done so I'm back on series x. Sony feels stuck in the ps4 gen while ms is looking to the future and now its got $70 exclusives on top of it while ms is offering all first party games for free on a gamepass subscription. even Sony's own game the Show was on game pass day one. All of EAs games, All of Bethesdas games, and so on....

waverider629d ago

Yes, just wait for the future, or the next e3, GDC, Gamepass. While Gamers that realy have a PS5 are playing next gen games from day one. Didnt wait 11 months to have the first one. Well if the Sony exclusives dont make you buy a console, you didnt get a Series X... Because it got none. Again, with the excuse price. I pay 70 for quality and amazing games. Like i did with the latest Returnal and Ratchet. Like i did with Miles Morales. They are mine. Not rented. Mine. I dont have time to play 100 games a week... because im not 10. I play the game i want. I got another idea. You could sell your PS5, because there are millions of players waiting to get one. You could wait for the trailer o GOW Ragnarok and put it on sale. The Gameplay trailer that is coming, because the game is coming next year...

b777conehead629d ago

It’s operator error I have and most people have no trouble installing ps5 and game saved. You just don’t know what your doing

Charlieboy333629d ago

Sony feels stuck in the PS4 gen? MS is looking to the future? Quite some brain damage you have there considering Sony are the only ones to have provided next gen experiences while Microsoft are the ones that are more focused on letting you play all the old ass games from last gen and the one before with some extra frames via gamepass and back compat. That is literally Xbox's claim to fame right now! As for their future offerings all I see is a bunch of generic AA toss that doesn't interest anyone who has standards and the only first party that MAY 'potentially' make an impact still at least 2 years away....and I love how people mention MS first party games being on gamepass day one as some kind of advantage. Compared to the competition their first party is complete crap. Forgettable, by the numbers, soulless trash and Bethesda aint gonna change that.

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InUrFoxHole629d ago

Objective. I do believe sony will get better as the gen continues.

Notellin629d ago

Agreed the PS5 is definitely struggling in the games department.

629d ago
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roboteye630d ago

Shit, didn't know Greedfall was the make or break game for PS.

Chriswheeler22630d ago

This is the final nail in coffin here

Robodrake630d ago

This is like, so huge guys

Atticus_finch630d ago

The final snail in the coffee.

629d ago
brewin630d ago

Its definitely not, read the article. There are some valid points. You dont have to agree, but at least see that these little missteps could become an issue down the road. If youre a core gamer, it definitely wouldnt matter. The only thing a PS Plus game usually does for me is make it so I dont have to put my damn disc in cuz I almost always own the game that theyre giving away anyway! However, to the average person, this could easily be seen as greed, even if thats not how Sony is intending it.

Lets face facts, there is no reason that the PS Plus versions of PS Plus games CANT be upgraded to the PS5. Final Fantasy 7 and Greedfall both have free upgrades for the paid version. So essentially, Sony IS treating their PS Plus offerings as second rate to their paid conterparts. THAT is what the article is pointing out. That can be seen as a problem in the eyes of a consumer, whether you agree or not, thats a fact!

Chevalier630d ago (Edited 630d ago )


Explain Control on Xbox being locked behind the Ultimate edition whereas Playstation got that free on Plus. That's 2 titles for Playstation vs. 1 title on Xbox so where's the sensationalist article for Xbox being treated like as he puts it 'second class citizens' then?! So if 3 publishers all 3rd party have done this now why is ONLY Sony to blame!? Xbox gets a freepass? The writer and you are reaching illogical conclusions based on 3 games for both consoles and all those titles are from 3rd party partners. Going to gloss over the fact that Xbox Gold doesn't get mentioned even though it's comparable service whereas Gamepass gets mentioned for ZERO reason? Uhhh okay makes sense...... s/

brewin630d ago

@ Chevalier

Well the article is not about Xbox. And yeah there was no reason for that, but I purchased the ultimate edition for $10 so it didn't matter to me regardless. The PS plus things dont matter to me personally either as I own the games being talked about here.

Anyhow, is Xbox the market leader? No. PlayStation is and that is why people just tend to expect more and better from Sony. If they are the leader, they should be leading and not giving Microsoft the huge opportunity they are giving them. They are leaving it wide open for Microsoft to take some market share and Sony is, in some regards, converting back to their old ways of just expecting their supporters to be there regardless. Fact is, these little things ARE missteps that could cost them in the long run.

anast630d ago

I'm a fan boy, your writing looks like a jumble of vague symbols to me.

Chevalier629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

The titles are ALL 3rd party titles. That has NOTHING to do with Playstation. Playstation isn't going to mess up their relationship with 3rd party developers when they are active partners. That's just idiotic. Also the article should be about both and not single out Playstation since Xbox, Gamepass and a title mentioned for Xbox having the same issue are mentioned multiple times.

" didn't matter to me regardless"

Uhh.... okay? This is about everyone not just you. Lol. Just idiotic. No one cares about your personal situation. This is about gamers in general. As for this being a miss-step? Well if Xbox has the SAME issue then how can you call it a miss-step? Utterly terrible logic all round from the writer and its sad that anyone even believes this will be a miss-step for Playstation and not Xbox. Wow.

Playstation has no control over what a 3rd party developer wants to do they don't own them. They're partners. If Sony had that kind of power over their 3rd party developers you guys would ALL be talking about how Playstation is taking away the freedom of their partners and Xbox isn't. They literally can not win in this regard. Just how clueless do you have to be to not understand that?!

629d ago
brewin629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

Well those same games have free upgrades on the series X. doesn't matter to the average consumer if Sony's the publisher or not. It's PS plus it's Sony service. To the average consumer that looks like Sony is the one being greedy, not the third party. Especially when those same third parties are giving the upgrades for free on the Xbox. It's just a bad look if you're the market leader act like it and lead the market. The only thing Sony's leading in market right now is the game prices.

And it's funny some of you want me to list the games I'm playing on Xbox, what?! Lol I have my gamertags right in my profile if you want to see what I'm playing go ahead and look I'm not going to sit here all day and list all the freaking games I've been playing.

Points in the article are valid whether you want to agree with them or not. To the average consumer this practice makes Sony look greedy. and even with the new stuff about ghost of tsushima directors cut coming out, that's pure greed!

It's not about the third party or who's putting the game out. It's about the platform. You have to admit getting an upgraded version of a PS4 game on the PS5 is kind of an issue. it should be automatic like smart delivery but it is not it's an extra step that you shouldn't have to do. If I get the PS4 and PS5 version of a game with my purchase why not give me the version that is best suited for the system I'm playing it on? It makes no sense and it's a limitation of Sonys setup obviously. Why else are they charging you $10 just to upgrade your PS4 copies to PS5 copies like with GoT?


well yeah that's why they are giving it with ps plus and not charging retail price for it. Do you expect it to be the same thing? It's hilarious that you guys are making an issue out of this, but if you compare the ps plus games with xbox gold games, GWG look like @ss

brewin629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

@ fgfgfgfgfg

Lol u keep shitting on XBL GwG and praising ps plus but the reality is they both have good months and bad months. And it's all subjective anyway, so trying to argue it as fact is laughable and part of the reason people look down on Fanboys. GwG and plus are the same damn thing lol. It's like arguing coke vs pepsi. This month ps plus is giving out a wwe game, another call of duty, and a walking simulator that was free on Xbox a year ago. Nothing special, but apparently that's your vibe

Stanjara629d ago

Dude there is no point...N4g- smooth brain

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ScootaKuH629d ago

Yeah if greedfall fails then PS5 and indeed Sony as a company will be doomed. I also think the Western hemisphere will implode and a black hole will suck everything in, leaving only Xbox

falconP630d ago

Sony has had a next gen game most have been day 1 releases every single month with PS+ meanwhile Games with Gold has zero next gen games.

Typical media bias.

buffig630d ago

Exactly. I've got so much mileage out of PS+ already this gen. Control ultimate edition, Wreckfest, which I play every night with my mates, Plague Tale looks great and was in my backlog. All are next gen versions, all available on day of release. But yeah, I don't get the next gen update for Greedfall, I'm devasted. Subscription cancelled!!!!

NeoGamer232630d ago

You do realize that Control, Wreckfest, and Plague Tale are on XB GamePass? LOL.

Oh, and I played Plague Tale day one on game pass not a year later.

Chevalier630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

"You do realize that Control, Wreckfest, and Plague Tale are on XB GamePass? LOL."

And you DO realize that those won't be PERMANENTLY on Gamepass right? LOL
Also why are you comparing Gamepass instead of Gold to Plus? Seems kind of idiotic and disingenuous.

NeoGamer232630d ago

Not sure I am concerned about how long they are available to me. That is subjective value. Owning something means nothing if you don't intend to go back to it. I own Donkey Kong for my Colecovision.... When was the last time I went back to it? Ummmmmmmmm. My Colecovision is sitting on a storage shelf in my basement and hasn't been turned on in over two decades when I saw if I could hook it up to a modern flat panel TV.

Chevalier630d ago (Edited 630d ago )


Again why are YOU comparing Gamepass which is $180 a year to a $60 service?! It's just as idiotic and disingenuous as what the writer comparison. The writer doesn't even mention Xbox Live Gold ONCE. Last I checked Gold IS comparable to Plus. So explain that logic?!

You're reaching for the stars like this idiot writer. Permanent title or not YOU compare 2 completely different services and now you're talking about Coleco? The point is the services aren't comparable why is Gamepass even mentioned? For example you mention the upgrade for Gold like its the same? How? 1st of all Gamepass is a different service and 2nd that deal is ending so its literally irrelevant.

There are a whole TWO titles on Playstation and ONE on Xbox that has set the same precedent. So how come both you and the writer aren't up in arms for Xbox then? Oh right BOTH of you needlessly mentioned Gamepass though? So SONY is the problem and is Xbox isn't?! Even though both have the same issue?! Uhhh okay 👌. Again like I said, idiotic.

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rakentaja630d ago (Edited 630d ago )

You have to compare it to GPU, because they cost roughly the same. At least non-US codes for PS+.

Don't forget that you can upgrade your Gold to GPU for 1 dollar and it's no more just GwG. It becomes Game Pass Ultimate.

Well then ... PS+ is a joke.

630d ago
rakentaja630d ago

to bingbangbong:

Not true:

Around $ 150 for 3y (3 x $ 50 + $ 1 to convert).

630d ago
rakentaja629d ago (Edited 629d ago )

to bingbangbong:

The point is, you need to compare PS+ (3 games per month) to GPU (383 games currently), because they cost the same.

The PS+ doesn't even give you PS5 versions of games.

629d ago
cd1629d ago


IIRC I got the PS5 versions of Destruction allstars and Oddworld soulstorm with PS+ and both at release too. Combine that with the PS+ collection that comes with PS5 and it ain't a bad deal as that also contains some games that were patched for PS5.

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Double_O_Revan630d ago

"Journalists" who think they're being heroic.

629d ago