Fragland: Resistance 2 Review

Resistance 2 has become an excellent sequel that may even call itself the Gears of War for the Playstation3. The intense single player campaign, the super-addictive co-op mode and the competitive online part that's playable with 60 people make Resistance 3 games in 1! Playstation3 has one top game more and you shouldn't leave this one out of your collection

* Epic boss fights
* Addictive co-op
* 60 men online
* Original weapons
* Challenging
* Agressive AI

* Story lacks some depth

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STARS3628d ago

Very nice review and a good read. 91/100 is a very proper score for this game, although I'd personally rate it a point or two higher since I really enjoy R2.

Ren3628d ago

Like super late.... i mean by this point R2 has already hit puberty , finished highschool and moved out from home to go to college ... :/

George Sears3628d ago

Heh, I saw one about MGS4 a few days ago. But tbh, late reviews sometimes tend to be even better imo since they are mostly reviews that aren't that much influenced on hype/hits than reviews that are closer to the games initial release.

Well written review btw.

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