Gears of War devs, The Coalition will be presenting an Unreal Engine 5 technical demo at GDC

Colin Penty has tweeted that The Coaltion will be presenting an Unreal Engine 5 technical demo running on Xbox Series X at GDC.

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DJStotty76d ago


Wonder if this is a new IP, i would be surprised if it was another Gears of War.

Atom66676d ago

Not sure if there is any substance to it, but I think the talk was that they might do a small test game to get familiar with UE5 next. Think it might be a MP thing.

I still think a short SP horror game would be a good project for them before Gears 6. Think something like PT where you learn at the end that it was part of the Gears universe the whole time.

This is likely just going to be a tech demo though.

RaidenBlack76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

There's a rumour that they might be doing an UE5 Mandalorian game, next.
Just a rumour I read twice in two different forums. Who knows? Maybe?

NeoGamer23276d ago

This kind of stuff should not be news. Every developer builds demos of stuff they are working on to prove they can do what they are trying to do for their games.

Gunstar7576d ago

It's news because the coalition are masters of the unreal engine.

And downvote all you want. Even DF have said it

spicelicka76d ago

They have already stated that they're working on multiple new projects, other than Gears 6. No idea when they would revealed or what they are though.

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DiRtY76d ago

doubt that this will result in an actual game.

DiRtY76d ago

This will be more tech-focused than game design. Just some pretty concepts. Or a Gears of War level remade with UE5, etc.

Just my guess.

iNcRiMiNaTi76d ago

You never know. The assets used to showcase UE3 back in the day eventually became gears of War.

76d ago
iNcRiMiNaTi76d ago

Yeah its not but if I remember right there were a few people from epic that left and formed the coalition.

Einhander197176d ago

Can't wait to see what they do with this new engine, Amazing stuff a ahead!!

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