It's Time To Stop Accepting Nintendo’s Terrible Online Offerings

Nintendo’s lackluster online offering has become par for the course, but Mario Golf: Super Rush is one bogey too far.

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jonny89787d ago

People will accept due to their super popular IP. Mario and Zelda's tiddies can be milked till eternity and people will still crave for more.

LoveSpuds86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

To be fair, both Mario and Zelda mainline titles are usually of a fantastic quality which leaves gamers craving more.

Its fair to say some if the spin off games are sometimes a little less reliable but even the spinoff yield some gems sometimes like Mario v Rabbids and Cadence of Hyrule.

bouzebbal86d ago

Im glad Nintendo is holding the online and they focus only on offline single player experiences..
it’s time to accept that not everyone want online features everywhere.. Nintendo online is simplistic and is made for casual gamers and those like me who don’t care abt online

iplay1up287d ago

It is $19.99 a year. It has a ton of NES and SNES games. Not that big of a deal.

Smok9186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

That’s basically all you get for $19.99 online functionality is so poor. The issue is they advertise online multiplayer gaming yet it functions extremely poorly.

N1GHT_W0LF_X86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

I paid $5 for the family subscription with 6 other friends. I agree that the online stability isn't the greatest but for that price I'm not expecting much. Nor do very many of their games require the best online experience.

Seraphim86d ago

true that...

just to put this into context for the people who are to young. Back in the day you had free internet access to games via consoles; yes you still had to pay your ISP. But games often had dedicated servers, etc. Which imo, is the biggest detriment to some games; Destiny.... Sure sometimes it came with issues [latency, lag] but most games ran fine online and didn't require friend codes. That was also around the time the best connection you get was probably 10-25mbs tops...

Yes $20 isn't bad annually. Considering it comes with the NES/SNES [small] library of games but that is also all you're paying for; imo. However, regardless of price, the service itself does need some updating. ditch the friend codes, offer a better online experience, etc. Nintendo could possibly even offer 2 packages. One that is the current structure and another for $50-60 annually that comes with improved online play. I'm not a big online gamer nor do I have friends who own a Switch so personally I just pay the $20 because it's cheap and to have access to those games. Even most important NES titles I already own alongside a NES. Buy by having two options they now give an option to Switch owners who do play online and want a good or better experience. Anyway another option would be to simply roll out a more robust online feature for free. Not everything has to be about profits.

It's funny because it seems one reason Sony started offering games via PS+ to incentivize players to pay for online access. That $40-60 doesn't look so bad when you consider each month you're getting at least 2 free games and at least twice a year there's a probably chance of getting something great or that interests any gamer. It's unfortunate it's come to this but if companies are only willing to invest if people pay for those costly improvements then we live with it.

CDbiggen86d ago

Shit man, I can emulate all the old games on a 6 year old phone. No what I pay for Nintendo Online for is Tetris 99.

CosmicTurtle86d ago

You could have both decent online and a selection of free games. Nintendo have always been behind the curve regarding online infrastructure . On 3DS your online purchases were locked to a single device. The criticism is valid. Price is not a justification for sloppiness for a large company.

porkChop87d ago

Accepting? You say that as if everyone is happy/content with it. A few people might be, sure. But even most Nintendo diehards agree that the online is shit. Yeah it's cheaper and gives you some classic games, but it's miles behind even XBL on the OG Xbox.

Teflon0286d ago

You say that but if everyone is still paying for it, doesn't matter what you say about the service. Especially to Nintendo of all companies. They don't give a damn bout nothing as long as it's performing decent lol

LoveSpuds86d ago

And you think MS and Sony are any different?

ThisPlaceIsToxic87d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Gameplay-wise, you could argue the best. But when it comes to graphics and online, they’re at least a generation behind.

Of course, we do have to remember who their target market is…. children aren’t as picky when it comes to the details.

Double_O_Revan86d ago

It was time to stop 10 years ago. I find it completely mind boggling that people still not only put up with Nintendo's half ass service, but actually pay for it.

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