Dying Light 2 New Gameplay Trailer

A brand-new gameplay trailer for Dying Light 2 Stay Human shines a UV light on the infected who will stalk the streets of The City come Tuesday, December 7 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

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CaptainHenry91685d ago

I'm glad they're taking advantage of the dual sense controller for the PS5/PC

SullysCigar85d ago

I like that they're utilising PS5's 3D audio too. A game like this relies on atmosphere and it should deliver in spades.

REDGUM85d ago

Looking good so far from what I've seen if this game.

N4GTG85d ago

I'm really hoping they set up a play session sometime soon for previewers.

MehmetAlperTR85d ago (Edited 85d ago )

no GUNS !!!! No Fire arms !!!! No buy from me !!!

Darkborn85d ago

The meele combat and bows were way better in my opinion. Plus they were way quieter so it worked out a lot better.

N4GTG85d ago

Noise brings more zombies, so less guns the better.

REDGUM85d ago

Where did you read there were no guns/firearms in this game?

sourOG85d ago

These little update episodes are the great imo. We don’t need an e3 or interviews anymore. When you have enough to show and answer questions then show it. We don’t need to sit through the dumb questions you can’t answer lol.

No combat this time that was interesting. Parkour looked good and I saw it has that dude from district 13 or whatever that movie was. Dope movie will have some cool motion capture for sure.

sizeofyou85d ago

Is it David Belle involved in this game, then?
Rubbish story in D13 BUT amazing action throughout!

sourOG85d ago

Yup that’s him. I had to look it up, I didn’t know he was the founder of parkour lol. Yeah I agree, it’s a fun action movie.

sizeofyou85d ago

Cheers..didn't know he was involved in DL2...

sourOG85d ago

This trailer is just a piece of the episode they showed. There was a segment showing Belle as a character you follow. The animations were good.

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