Nintendo Switch Outsells PlayStation 3 Worldwide

The Nintendo Switch has outsold the lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3, according to VGChartz estimates.

The Switch sold 375,106 units for the week ending June 19, 2021 to bring its lifetime sales to 87.43 million units. This compares to the PlayStation 3 with sales of 87.40 million units. The figure for the Switch includes the combined sales of the original Switch model and the Switch Lite.

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darthv72199d ago

It has 13m more to go before it reaches the exclusive members only (complete with jackets) 100m+ club.

The_Sage199d ago

Well... It's much cheaper, and it's a hand held. Shocking. Pfft.

MADGameR199d ago

The PS3 is ceased production a long time ago, why is this even talked about? Insecurity of Nintendo fans I bet

Orchard199d ago

@MADGamer Nothing to do with insecure fans. They count each time a console passes a previous console as a milestone.

They will run the same article when PS5 and XSX pass PS3.

badz149199d ago


this is a combined sales of the original and Lite and the Lite cost $200. like it or not, the Switch has had a hefty $100 price cut. AND this is the first time ever a sales of a home console (hybrid or not) is combined with a pure handheld.

TheColbertinator199d ago


Switch Lite is a hundred bucks cheaper. Bought one because I prefer the weight compared to the regular Switch and it was a 100 smackers cheaper which I used to buy Pokemon Shield the same day.

DarXyde199d ago


The PS3 was also on the market since 2006 and could be picked up in a store for 11 years.

The Switch outsold it in about 4.5.

Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

zacfoldor199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

It's gonna sell tons more too. Like it or not.

Also, arbitrarily redefining "price cut" by including new sku's base msrp vs original(still available) unit msrp, in order to marginalize sales? That's a giant leap in logic. Would a mid gen refresh that costs more than original units msrp be a price increase?

DefaultComment199d ago

@MADGamer, well for starters the ps3 had 7 years life span and Nintendo Switch has reached the ps3 life time numbers with only 4 years. It's not about insecurity it's about posting facts, Now if you wanna talk about insecure fans then take a look in the mirror to you and all those Sony fans that make a party everytime the ps5 is selling 10k more units thatn last week.


it did! with the lite model

Army_of_Darkness198d ago

That's sad to hear cause the switch is garbage compared to the PS3. My honest opinion.

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Sgt_Slaughter199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

At one point you could get a PS3 for $200 during sales, and within under three years the PS3 was $300 MSRP for the Slim and 80GB OG model, so no excuses. Switch has sold amazingly and it's a console first.

The_Sage199d ago

Yeah right... it's a console that you can put in your jacket pocket and play on the bus. It's a hand held that you can play on your TV,.

Vegamyster199d ago


What handheld gaming systems have a HDMI and Cooling fan? It's a hybrid system, the Wii-U was a home console but the Switch had the overall better version of games like Botw and Mario Kart 8, either way it's not like people expected it do this well regardless of what you classify it as.

Lexreborn2199d ago

Technically switch has had a price cut. As a switch lite is more then likely counted into the figures and it’s a console revision fully portable version for 200 bucks. And since Nintendo doesn’t release the details per SKU it would be presumptuous to think the device did it fully on a single price and SKU.

I have the extended battery model and the switch lite. Another detail that is often overlook in the console sales department is how many people own more then one.

I’ve bought 3 different Xbox ones. A PS4 and a PRO, and as mentioned a switch and switch lite. Unless us hardcore gamers are a minority to this it’s pretty easy to figure that a good chunk of all console sales are to the same people with multiple revisions.

Heck 3DS hit 100 million and I had 4 of those and my one friend hand 6. It’s hard to measure system dominance these days since we are all so game crazy for these devices.

1Victor199d ago

@Vega switch = ps vita + wii

VariantAEC184d ago

PS4 sold 88 million in 4.08 years.
It took Switch 3 months longer to hit the same milestone.

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The_Sage199d ago

Can you hold it in your hand and play it, Vega?... Oh you can? Then it's a hand held.

RosweeSon199d ago

Can you put your 55” telly in your pocket… then it’s a home console 😑🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤣 it’s does both I didn’t think this would be so hard to still grasp what 5 years later 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

Vegamyster199d ago

Yeah and you can play it without ever playing in your hands on a television, it also is faster than the a Wii-U, 360 and PS3 home consoles and plays full AAA games on it. Doesn’t matter what you call it, it fills two categories.

NotoriousWhiz198d ago

Why are you so upset by this news?

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King_Noctis199d ago

What if someone were to buy a Switch, put it into a dock under their TV, and never take it out for the rest of the Switch’s lifetime?

The_Sage199d ago

I suppose someone could, but that would just be plain silly. What would be the point in that? It's a hand held first and foremost.

DazaMc199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

That's where mine lives. I drive to work and have a mobile if I'm bored on the go. Where else can I play Nintendo exclusives on my TV?

King_Noctis199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

“ I suppose someone could, but that would just be plain silly. What would be the point in that? It's a hand held first and foremost.”

What dictate it to be a handheld first and foremost? Does it come with zero accessories that can transform it into a home console?

mkis007199d ago

The fact that the dock is just a power adapter...the dock takes the heat off the battery, allowing it to be overclocked...the dock is not required for the system to exist as seen with the switch lite.

They literally could have made it a cable connection to the switch itself and accomplished the same thing ala psp.
Does that make the psp a home console?

King_Noctis199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

“ Does that make the psp a home console?”

Did the PSP have a dock included in the box? Was the PSP advertised as a home console and recognized as such by the market and the developers? Did the PSP run home console games equivalent to games such as Doom, The Witcher, or The Outer World?

darthv72199d ago

^^the PSP GO has a dock, and you can pair a sixaxis controller to it for tv play. It was doing the switch-a-roo before the switch. A lot better than using a 2000 or 3000 on a TV since you still have to hold the PSP to play.

199d ago
RosweeSon199d ago

Yeah it’s not like ps3 ever had major price cuts 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣 weren’t they like £150 (nearly half the price of a switch) towards the end, works both ways. You could also play ps3 on the go… if you had a vita 😜

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andy85198d ago

I'm a PS guy but acknowledge some success. It's sold in 4 years what the PS3 did in 7. And it's never had an official price drop where as you could pick the PS3 up at half it's original price years later

wiz7191198d ago

Or it’s just a great piece of machine and achieves what it sets out to do.

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rlow1199d ago

What's amazing is the PS3 took over ten years to hit it's current number. The Switch did it in roughly 4 years. Pretty crazy

badz149199d ago

at half the price, and by being a handheld made by Nintendo. yes

King_Noctis199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Isn’t it amazing that a “handheld” can actually outsell a home console? Sony wished they could achieve half of that with the Vita.

badz149199d ago

it's a Nintendo's handheld, so it's not a surprise, really.

King_Noctis199d ago

“ it's a Nintendo's handheld, so it's not a surprise, really”

They must be doing something right then to outsell the PS3, because if pricing is the #1 reason, then again the Vita would have been the best selling Playstation console/handheld.

badz149199d ago

you kinda missed my point there. NINTENDO's HANDHELD. see? Sony's handheld =/= NINTENDO's handheld. get it now? it's like you're thinking that I'm saying low price = guaranteed win when it's not what I'm saying at all. it's the same as Sony's CONSOLE =/= Nintendo's console. at around 50mil, the N64 was considered by many as a success but at over 85mil, many in the industry still considers the PS3 as a failure. see the difference now?

I was just pointing out the price because counting inflation and all, the PS3 would be so much more expensive than the switch. PS3 price cut to $400 over a year after release and that was still $100 more expensive the launch Switch. PS3 Slim came out almost 3 years after that at $299 but the Switch lite undercut them all at $200 just over 2 years since launch and being the only real handheld on the market AND made by Nintendo. it's A CHEAP NINTENDO'S HANDHELD. all the ingredients it needs to sell units!

but do you remember the time when Nintendo tried to con people with the 3DS by selling it for $250 and it almost becomes a flop? and then they were quickly forced to drop the price because Sony announced the Vita will also launch at $250? ahh... fun times that was!

King_Noctis199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

“ but do you remember the time when Nintendo tried to con people with the 3DS by selling it for $250 and it almost becomes a flop? and then they were quickly forced to drop the price because Sony announced the Vita will also launch at $250? ahh... fun times that was!”

Do you remember when the Vita was a flop 2 years after released and Sony did nothing to help it while Nintendo tried everything they could to save the 3DS and succeed immensely? Yeah fun time indeed.

badz149199d ago

you really wanna play THAT game, ha? So, can you please tell us all how your almighty Nintendo was trying their best to save the Wii U again? oh right...THEY DIDN'T DO SHIT! not even trying to cut the price for the goddamn thing!

And the 3DS was such a success it outsold the PSP too, right? wh..what's that? oh...yeah...IT DIDN'T! Nintendo fanboys and many crappy journalists out there will downvote me to hell and call me crazy if I ever call the N64 or the 3DS as FAILURES but the same people will mostly agree that the PSP and PS3 were some kind of failures despite selling as good as they did.

As for the Vita, blame Sony all you want regarding that (believe me, I also am still angry about the Vita) but they did try. but what can you do when both your platforms are facing fierce competitions at the same time? they only have so many resources at their disposal. between the PS3 vs Wii vs xb360 vs Wii U and Vita vs 3DS, Sony has got to choose and they chose the PS3 with a higher chance of winning compared to the losing battle against the 3DS. it was unfortunate for the Vita but I can understand why Sony did it. they released the Vita TV too, remember? the cheap console version of the Vita to help sell the games but clearly people are not that interested. native Remote Play with the PS4, cross-buy promotions etc. those are HUGE efforts but still can't push people into buying it. sure the games are not there like the PSP but they had to dump most of their resources onto the PS3 and to make sure the PS4 wins big. Please don't tell me you think this is bullcrap because your beloved Nintendo also stopped trying to cater to console and handheld separately now. They make hard choices when things don't really go well and Sony chose PS3 and PS4 while Nintendo chose to consolidate theirs.

now, disagree away!

King_Noctis199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

“ So, can you please tell us all how your almighty Nintendo was trying their best to save the Wii U again? ”

The Wii U was supported for 5 whole years. The Vita had 2 years before Sony completely abandon the console and rely on indie devs, the type of devs that the PS fans seem to hate so much right now. So, Sony did try very hard it seem.

“And the 3DS was such a success it outsold the PSP too, right?”

Wait a minute, The DS WAS the PSP’s competition. The 3DS was the Vita’s competition. The DS sold around 154.9 million, while the PSP sold only around 80 million units. Why did you get it mixed up dude?

Just going down the rabbit hole now ain’t we?

RosweeSon199d ago

How small is your telly.

zacfoldor199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Arbitrarily redefining what the product is in order to marginalize the sales figures?

badz149199d ago

so...the PSP is a "failure" because the DS was selling extremely good, but the 3DS is a "success" despite selling less than the PSP because the Vita failed? haha...gotta love that logic! I'll keep that in mind. so, the N64 is a colossal failure afterall, ha? how dare people out there calling it a success like these fools right here:


gotta tell them that there can't be 2 successful competing consoles because the PS1 totally demolished N64 in sales! tell them that there is a failed handheld by Sony that have sold 88mil units. would totally blow their minds!

King_Noctis198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

“so...the PSP is a "failure" because the DS was selling extremely good”

Lmao dude who said the PSP was a failure? I said the PS Vita WAS a failure. The PSP competed with the DS and was fairly successful at doing that, it has nothing to do with either the Vita or the 3DS.

“ but the 3DS is a "success" despite selling less than the PSP because the Vita failed?”

The 3DS sold around 75 millions, a little about 5 million behind the PSP. Let’s not forget that the PSP was released during a time when smartphone weren’t the norm, which help further boost its sale. Let’s not pretend like the 3DS sold the same amount as the Vita shall we?

And again, the 3DS has nothing to do with the PSP, they both came out during different generation. And if your logic is sound, then does that make the PS1 and the PS3 “failures” because they sold less than the Switch?

badz149198d ago

A lot of people considered the PSP as failure until recently even among the journalist.
Just search for PSP and failure and you'll see plenty. The recognition that it was a success only comes when the 360 failed to beat it and then even the 3DS fell short. The PSP was unfairly downplayed as a failure for many years despite people trying their best to spread the perception that the N64 before it was a success despite heavily outsold by the PS1. Just let it there, shall we?

But when has the Switch outsold the PS1? Are you from the future?

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Sgt_Slaughter199d ago

The Switch could easily hit 115M or more before it's over, and that's a lowball estimate. I would love to go back to the Switch's reveal articles and see just how many hot takes aged like milk.

porkChop199d ago

Personally, I knew the Switch would be a success. But even I thought it would only hit around 65M units throughout its lifetime.

Vegamyster199d ago

I think i pegged it selling 50 million on the high end, it's done amazingly well despite no price drop.

RosweeSon199d ago

Same bought it day1 and not like it’s had a price cut so winning 🙄😜🤣 28588;🏻

RosweeSon199d ago

Same with 3DS that was all doomed on launch didn’t do half bad in the end 😑🤷🏻‍♂️ 🤣

zacfoldor199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

I was reading one the other day that had an absurdly small amount of sales predicted for the Switch. I doubt even the best estimate put it over 100m when it launched.