SIE Acquires Nixxes to Further Elevate PlayStation Studios Exclusive Titles

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that SIE has completed the acquisition of Nixxes Software B.V. (“Nixxes”), an industry-leading Dutch studio with more than 20 years of experience in game development and optimization. Based in Utrecht, Netherlands, effective immediately, Nixxes will join PlayStation Studios Technology, Creative & Services Group to provide high quality in-house technical and development capabilities for PlayStation Studios.

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Dark-Angel09110d ago

That was unexpected. I hope Bluepoint’s acquisition is next.

Relientk77110d ago

Pretty sure Bluepoint Studios is already a done deal. We are just waiting on Sony to officially announce it.

bouzebbal110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

I really want to understand why Sony closed Studio Liverpool Cambridge Evolution Studios and London Studios??? They were full of talent!!

shadowT110d ago

I hope that they will also join Playstation Studios.

DarXyde110d ago

My guess is the announcement will be accompanied by a showing of their next project.

fr0sty110d ago

@bouzebbal, full of talent, but not full of profitable games.

z2g110d ago

Bluepoint made a statement that they are “fully independent” and that was thiss as week so don’t think so.

DJStotty109d ago


They may have closed the studios, but they retained the staff.

Fluke_Skywalker109d ago

@DJStotty They actually didn't, most of them were let go. A few stayed and went to other studios but most left. I follow quite a few of them on twitter cause WipEout is one of my all time faves.

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Jay767110d ago

[email protected] Sony London still open they working on a unannounced aaa game.

Jin_Sakai110d ago

It seems they might be making their own game also.

Jin_Sakai110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

“Pretty sure Bluepoint Studios is already a done deal.”

Who knows at this point. Bluepoint Games updated their Twitter bio to say this.

“Bluepoint Game is a fully independent self-funded studio.“

UnSelf110d ago

they need to acquire Platinum.

best studio out

Good-Smurf110d ago

Lets them release stuff that they promised Nintendo first.
Still no update on Bayonetta 3

CaptainHenry916110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

From Software. They've been very successful with them

glennhkboy109d ago

Platinum now seems to focus mainly on Switch. Also their style of games do not fit well with the current gen of Sony vision, which is Western style open world big budget action games.

DOMination-109d ago

FromSoftware would be neat but they already have a mega rich parent company so whilst they are making very popular and profitable games, I can't see any reason why they would sell.

Someone mentioned Arc Systems the other day.. as in its been a credible rumour. That one makes a lot of sense to me as Sony have been showing an interest in competitive fighting games recently.

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Zeref110d ago

It seems like talks might have broke down.

They changed their Twitter bio to "Fully independent studio"

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Sunny_D110d ago

Lol, talks don’t break down the very 1st day the announcement is made. This deal was made weeks of months ago.

Sunny_D110d ago

Apologies. I see you were referring to Bluepoint games. I thought you meant Nixxes. Hmmm, yeah that is interesting.

Zeref110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


Hoping for what exactly?

Sony acquiring Bluepoint changes nothing for me

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neomahi110d ago

I think the closing of Evolution Studios was a big mistake, since you bring them up. It was closed based on the games sales which needed more time to gain momentum, probably due to being pressured to release so quickly. But Drive Club was a great alternative to Gran Turismo just like Motorstorm was a good alternative to Gran Tourismo because Sony obviously saw it as a threat to long running Gran Turismo as they had to shut one down but Gran Turismo 5 was causing more controversy and taking a lot longer to get out the door than Evolution Studios did with Drive Club. Gran Turismo was a racing simulator kind of game while Drive Club felt faster and more arcady to go toe to toe with Forzas style of racing that wasnt so literal.

z2g110d ago

This company specializes in porting to pc so if anything, this means Sony plans on bringing more of its first party to pc. And that makes a lot of financial sense.

1Victor109d ago

@z2g or they’re planing to port and upgrade old popular PSX PS2 and PS3 games to PS5 as well as pc giving Sony a huge push on the pc front without having to release PS5 exclusive day one on pc.

1Victor109d ago

I like it, this port specializing studio acquisition gives me hope for a PS3 to PS5 Warhawk & starhawk port 🙏

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CosmicTurtle110d ago

The team is mainly known for doing PC ports.

Atom666110d ago

Which is a great sign of more ports incoming. Great news for PC players.

Atom666110d ago

Nice denial. Time to get over it, man.

CaptainHenry916110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Great indeed but do you even own a gaming PC?

Imalwaysright110d ago (Edited 110d ago )


Nice try what? Have you been living under a rock or something?

King_Noctis109d ago (Edited 109d ago )


Do you live in a world where people are only capable of owning one single console?

Babadook7109d ago

The thirst is real for pc gamers. Nixxes has done a lot of console ports as well

Shiore2u109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

@Babadook7 He says as thirsty Sony continues to cuck their userbase for another.

Atom666109d ago


I own a pretty decent one. Was able to get my 3070 this year.

How about you?

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gamer7804110d ago

they also did some xbox work, such as xbox one x enhancements for tombraider.

b777conehead110d ago

S2k what’s wrong if Sony releases a pc port. There making more money by the more people who by them. You have a problem with others getting to play them I have a ps5 and very strong gaming computer. . You people that get butt hurt over mot being exclusive.

Deathdeliverer110d ago

As a fighting game player I hope Arc system works rumors are true. Sony buys them and they own the top fighting game developer of the last maybe 10 years.

Majin-vegeta110d ago

Now if they could pry that damn Bloody Roar IP from Konami..👀

Teflon02110d ago

I don't think this is necessary. But that bloody roar comment I definitely wouldn't be against

MrSec84109d ago

I wouldn't buy the Arc System Works thing as anything legit, it's Dealer Gaming and he doesn't know anything.

He claimed to be the one leaking the Ghost of Tsushima Ikishima Stand Alone game, but was wrong about it, the Iki Island content is a part of the Director's Cut, which he had no clue about.