Back 4 Blood Is The New Cover Story For Skewed and Reviewed The Magazine

The latest issue is done and aside from a recap of E3 2021; the latest issue looks at Back 4 Blood with a cover story preview.

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NeoGamer23280d ago

Left 4 Dead was an awesome couple of games. I m excited to see what they are doing for Back 4 Blood.

Garethvk80d ago

The Alpha was fun and I am hoping for great things from the Beta.

Fntastic80d ago

It plays differently to L4D, in L4D you could shove stun most of the specials, I don't think you can do that here.

The game will feel somewhat similar to L4D but anyone expecting an exact copy of L4D2 with newer stuff will be disappointed IMO.

Garethvk80d ago

I am curious to see what will be added or changed based on Alpha feedback.

NeoGamer23280d ago

I expect it to be different. If it was the same with only changes, then they would've probably called it L4D3.

Garethvk80d ago

Big issues is Valve keeps the L4D name so it can be somewhat similar just not in name. It reminds me of when F.E.A.R. was staying with Sierra and Monolith who developed the game had to call the Sequel Project Origin. Thankfully they worked it out to use both names but rights can be an iffy thing.