Dead Space YouTube Channel Updates Profile Pic After 8 Years of Inactivity

The official YouTube channel for the Dead Space franchise has updated its profile picture for the first time in over eight years, fueling the rumors and speculation of the franchise's imminent return.

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SullysCigar80d ago

Dead Space VR?

I'll just shit myself now to get it out of the way.

cammers199580d ago

Dead Space would do better as a remaster not some crappy vr game.

kamisama80d ago

@cammers i doubt they would make a crappy VR game. It could be an amazing experience like half life or boneworks.

CrimsonWing6980d ago

That would be awesome if it were a VR game, but I doubt that's the route EA will go.

Profchaos80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

Why not have both.

But seriously EA has only one major VR effort that I can recall star wars squadrons.

Also EA doesn't have a great track record for remasters lately:
crysis remastered was not great on launch
crysis trilogy which is a separate product again is not available on next gen systems despite heavy ray tracing effects being included in the PC and a software based rtx on last gen which doesn't really work all that great.
Mass effect legendary edition is a last gen only game it's not a good record

CoNn3rB79d ago

There's been reports that Motive Studios are or will be working on the Dead Space project, if that's true then a VR game looks likely

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Seraphim80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

that's definitely my thinking. It makes the most sense after releasing the Mass Effect Remaster. I see a Dead Space remaster as the most likely case. I just don't see them doing a new game nor would I have faith in any EA team to deliver a Dead Space reboot or 4th entry.

A remaster would be wonderful though because the entire series is great. It also represents the only time in the history of EA where they were trying to make solid games for gamers. Plus I never went back to wrap up the Platinum trophy in 2 and 3 and it's been in the back of my mind the past several months. Say what you will about 2 and 3 but they were still very solid Dead Space games.

Kurt Russell80d ago

I enjoyed 3 for what it was. I played through co-op and there were some clever elements and the crafting was enjoyable. A trilogy remaster I would buy in a heartbeat. I doubt we'll see a re-imagining, but perhaps if a remaster was to sell well, there would be enough interest for them to consider a new game. Dead Space Andromeda >.>

-Foxtrot80d ago

Reimagining like Resident Evil 2 hopefully

Correct the story mistakes the third game brought in

VerminSC80d ago

I never got to play these games but they definitely seem like my type of game. I’d LOVE a reboot or even a remake or remaster.

Profchaos80d ago

Dead space 1 was a bonafide classic that still holds up today even graphics are not state of the art but it's art style helps it still look good.

2/3 the less said the better

Lord_Sloth80d ago

Say what you like about Dead Space 3 but leave DS2 alone! That game was faaaaaaaaaaantastic.

kranker79d ago

What? 2 is the best of the series...

Yui_Suzumiya79d ago

I was day one (pre-order) with the first two games and the very first PS3 trophy I got was from Dead Space. Good times.

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Knightofelemia80d ago

I'd break my never buy an EA game day one rule just to buy a Dead Space remaster. Dead Space is my favorite horror franchise I love sci-fi horror.

RaidenBlack80d ago

So EA Motive is developing a Dead Space Remake/Reboot?
Still, the spiritual successor to Dead Space is Callisto Protocol, currently being developed by Striking Distance Studios, founded by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield.

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