Indies criticize Sony over discount policies, poor communication, more

Twitter thread from Neon Doctrine co-founder Iain Garner has complaints echoed and verified by numerous peers.

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Knushwood Butt88d ago

As a consumer on Platform X, I don't really have time for indies unless I make time for them, and most of the time they just don't grab me.

I bought The Last Campfire and beat it, is that indie?

Also bought Gris but haven't played it much.

I'm good with Returnal and Ratchet right now, and have a huge backlog aside from that.

DarthMarvin88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Referring to Playstation as Platform X is really confusing. I wish that dev didn't say that.

Sonic-and-Crash88d ago

a bunch of amateurs think they became Kojima in one night and want their game First name on the Cover

if they search Dreams can found 100ndrds games equal quality to theirs for free by real amateurs

What they expect? Sony to advertise for free their buffoon games

porkChop88d ago

How is that relevant to the topic at hand?

King_Noctis88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Housemarque (the developer of Returnal, the game that you are playing right now) was once an INDIE developer. Insomniac was also once an indie developer, although they made bigger games than Housemarque.

So don’t discount indie devs and their games.

TheColbertinator88d ago

@King Noctis

Good point with facts delivered

Christopher88d ago

And they greatly enjoyed working with Sony on many games. So don't discount the support Sony can show Indies, but don't expect them to be able to show the same level of effort to everyone.

88d ago
dbcoops88d ago

Yeah and those guys never bad mouthed Sony, guess they must have made games people actually liked.

King_Noctis88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

“ Yeah and those guys never bad mouthed Sony”

So valid criticism is now labeled as badmouthing? Why is Sony immune to criticism?

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z2g88d ago

fanboysim at its finest. completely missing the bigger picture to defend a huge corporation taking everybody's money.

Knushwood Butt88d ago

Most don't grab me, but I do buy them occasionally.

How is that fanboyism??
Fanboyism of what?
Most indies are multiplat anyway so platform is irrelevant.

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NeoGamer23288d ago

This is not good news. Sony was the friend of indies with PS4. Doesn't look like they are that much of indies for PS5.

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Darkborn88d ago

All day, like 20 different indies are showcased on playstation Twitter and YouTube.

neutralgamer199288d ago


Thank you for your concern but with hundreds of indie developers some are bound to be unhappy with few decisions. Outselling your competition and having huge chunk of the market share means they must be doing a lot of things right


This is n4g man where Xbox showing trailers is amazing games changer move while any negative news towards Sony is doom and gloom and when that doesn't work they fall back to the very site is run by PlayStation fans

Remember these news headlines:

Remember fire Jim Ryan

Sony hates cross play when cross play has been available on PlayStation since ps3 and when xbox360 was lead NA market they shouldn't allow cross play and that why FF14 never came to Xbox 360 at that time. Only when they were being outsold almost 3-1 they wanted playstation fanbase to accept cross play

how about how dare does Sony support last generation when in PlayStation history Sony have always supported outgoing consoles for few years

Forbes is basically on Microsoft's payroll to write hate articles about PlayStation

What's amazing in all of this they demand better from Sony yet never demand Ms matches Sony's output on content. Because they just bought a $500 console to play older games

But what do I know I only been on this site for decade plus

NeoGamer23288d ago (Edited 88d ago )

If you actually read the article, it seems like these indies can't even get communications with Sony. Waiting months.

Is that the experience with all indies? NO.

But, with some it is happening. I am not saying others are any better. And I am not saying Sony is doomed.

But, they did trumpet indies as coveted with PS4 and indies flocked there It does not seem (from at least these indies) that the PS5 era is the same. Whether this is a small amount or a trend is hard to say from four indies. But, the fact that four indies are saying this is not a reason to just discount them as idiots.


Bet you're going to pay 30 dollars so you can play your ps4 game with ps5 features on your $500 console

neutralgamer199287d ago


What $30 to play PS4 games?

New console new games. Yes I would like to play some from my backlog when we are going through the usual summer dry spell. But that's all Xbox has had a dry spell from last 2 years of Xbox 360 till now. At that time it was said Ms is preparing for next generation that's why they couldn't support Xbox 360 till the end when Sony release GT6 and TLOU on ps3. And they did the same with TLOU2 and Ghost in ps5

When it comes to quality of games Xbox fans have absolutely no argument to begin with. PlayStation and nintendo make better games, that is a fact not an opinion. Once Ms matches that up and are releasing AAA games which are selling 10+ million and winning/contending for GOTY come back and talk


@neutralgamer1992 I'm talking about having to pay to unlock ps5 features for Ghost of Tushima.
I don't have either console but it is clear Sony have the better games.
That should not excuse them from being greedy bastards.
Also I don't particularly care about indies.
I would like them to receive due payment for their content but I would not be interested in playing!

neutralgamer199286d ago

It's $10 upgrade for PS4 owners and you do know they are bundling it with new expansion. These dlc expansions could cost anywhere from 20-30 dollars

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Christopher88d ago

Wait until you hear that they have to do the same thing for Platform Y and Platform Z!

NeoGamer23288d ago


Christopher88d ago (Edited 88d ago )


septemberindecember88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Please read the article. They went out of their way to suggest it wasn't a platform with Gamepass (i.e. not Xbox) and other developers went on to share their own experiences with Playstation as an indie developer.

So, it sounds like they don't have all of these same issues with Platform Y and Platform Z.

Christopher88d ago

Sure. Those other platforms are way better. That's why you see so many Playstation Indies as a focus and telling stories of how great Sony was in helping them get their game out. Obviously, this one developer's experience speaks for all developers.

septemberindecember88d ago


It isn't just one developers experience. Multiple developers commented on their experiences. You know what, I'm not going to bother responding to you if you aren't going to read the article. Because clearly you haven't.

Christopher87d ago

***It isn't just one developers experience. ***

Doesn't change what I've said. But you're not going to address that, but instead, focus just on the words of these few people.

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FlavorLav0188d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Funny cause Kena, Stray, and Little Devil Inside all look astounding, I cannot wait for each of those to drop soon. Also, Warframe still running strong with the support of PS5. Also, Day 1 PS5 launch with Pathfinder….I’d say they’re doing pretty well with indies so far from my perch.

derek87d ago

By the tone of the complaining it seems like a long term issue with how Sony is organized around indi-development support. I dont get the fake outrage over this issue though, I couldn't care less about these behind the scenes issues, I'm just the end users. Very unprofessional to go on Twitter and whine about it.
Most of them are claiming they don't make much money on the playstation platform anyways so why not just take you business elsewhere.

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