5 Reasons Why VR Studios Should Utilize Local and Mid-Tier Conventions

From the cost effective savings to the opportunity to do more with very little, this is a look at why VR studios should be focused on local and mid-tier conventions.

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ApocalypseShadow84d ago (Edited 84d ago )

Nice narrative. But this isn't a fully effective way. It's still targeting areas that would have more executives than gamers. Convention goers that are trying to sell their own products or dress up in cosplay. They're not there for VR. It's usually something else.

VR is on the right track when it comes to use in business, medical, educational, construction, job training, etc. There's no problem there except cost of hardware and creation of useful software.

In gaming, VR was on the right track by being where consumers go for fun. Like arcades, restaurants, etc. Which was similar with how gaming grew in that same fashion. Pac man was in the arcade. But was also playable on a tabletop at pizza hut. Then, gamers were able to play versions are home. VR was gaining ground until covid happened. VR is still getting traction in some areas. But until the virus is contained and proper cleaning, up tick of VR use in arcades will be slow.

And although Facebook may be doing well visually by subsidizing Quest, they're not really leading when it comes to growth. They're only getting traction when it comes to gamers not wanting 180 degree, wired console VR after 4 years with PSVR, and not wanting to spend a lot for an expensive PC and headset. It's the same group of gamers. And, giving away headsets to employees isn't growth. Because there's no guarantee those employees buy games like core gamers.

VR will get there eventually. It's just that some wish it to happen overnight. Basically jump to the point where regular gaming is now, that took decades to get where it is. Which isn't going to happen. It just needs time.