Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Price is Nearly $75 for the Set

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster price is more than a single next-gen game, and purchasing all six games individually will cost you nearly $100.

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-Foxtrot81d ago


I thought this was a collection, all in one

King_Noctis81d ago

And don’t forget, this is also on mobile phone but not on Switch, PS4, or Xbox.

Smh Square Enix.

neutralgamer199281d ago

Don't worry they will end up on all consoles

Neonridr81d ago

is it nearly $75 or nearly $100?

CrimsonWing6981d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Lol, yea that one was confusing.

Bundle is near $75
Individual will be near $100

Neonridr81d ago

haha yeah, I'm only joking around (I did read the article). Just funny the way it was originally worded.

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Snookies1281d ago

The remastered pixel art is absolutely stunning in these along with the actual touch-ups to scenes. But no way in hell am I paying these prices.

VersusDMC81d ago

And with that price reveal everyone checks the internet for new emulators...

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The story is too old to be commented.