Diablo IV Quarterly Update—June 2021

Explore the details of character design, customization, and monster design with some of the artists behind Diablo IV.

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Snakeeater2587d ago

Release date 2023 and delayed because of the COVID to 2024 haha

TargusX87d ago

Online only = no buy from me, a fan who's bought every game more than once from the beginning.

Xasthirion87d ago

I'm sure they don't care. It is an MMO, of course it's going to be online only. The only person who is going to miss out is you. Don't let your stubbornness rob you of potential great memories or experiences. Also, it's 2021, how is "online only" still a complaint? As if everyone in the free world isn't constantly connected 24 hours a day...

anast87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

I disconnect from the internet when I play PC and Console and sometimes I don't. I play games because I want to disconnect and sometimes I don't, in "2021", as though this number is an ultimate justification for anything.

Your comment sounds like a slave puffing about how awesome their master is, which is cool too. I'm not hating on your decisions, but also it might beneficial to not expect everyone to be like you.

Lastly, if someone hates always online games (GaaS), then they would only be missing out on the feeling of being miserable. This would mean they would be enjoying another game and not missing the other one.

Michiel198987d ago

ill get it for sure, from what theyve shown so far from the updates im pleased with the direction they are going. Im not so sure about the mass group raid bosses, i dont think that fits diablo well. but for the rest it seems to be shaping up pretty well.