Far Cry 6 Protagonist’s Outfit Determine How Players Perform in Combat

Far Cry 6 players might want to take note of how Dani Rojas would look like after a fight because that will determine how well they fight.

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demonseye80d ago

so they are going to make it more RPG like. or well use known RPG mechanics. not really big news nice to know we will see how the game turns out when it releases. Farcry games haven't really been note-worthy recently so I hope they done a good job with this one.

telgou80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I think that it's fine as long as they don't use the "RPG damage style" used in new dawn which really kills the far cry experience and makes the game so unrealistic.
But after all, this is ubisoft. They will turn everything into the same "RPG" experience eventually just like they did to assassin's creed.