Dreams - Mega Penguin Launch trailer | PS5, PS4

It's finally here! Join #Megapenguin on an adventure through the Dreamiverse and help tell the story alongside Media Molecule in this latest #MadeInDreams collaboration project! AVAILABLE NOW in Dreams!

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Abnor_Mal110d ago

The one and only game I feel Sony needs to put on PC, i don't see why it hasn't happened yet.

Christopher110d ago

Probably one of the hardest to port solely because of the UI and having to redo it for keyboard and mouse support.

Abnor_Mal110d ago

I remember reading other comments talking about how the tool set would be difficult to include some how, but since I know nothing about computers and game development, I just reiterated the same thing I've said since before the game was released.

Question: wouldn't things like kb/m be easy to add since so many people like to point out that all console games are made on PCs anyway. I would figure things to make the game playable on PC would be in some file of the game alpha(?) builds.

Christopher110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

@Abnor_Mal: It was developed at its core to use a controller and/or move wands. They essentially built the game around the core API for those devices. Furthermore, they designed actions around moving things around with the move controllers. So, not like normal games built on PC. It was built around the devices.

This doesn't make it impossible, far from, just a ton of testing and work to make it work. Similar to taking a very heavy K/M RTS and making that work with a controller without relying on using a mouse pointer on the screen or tons of menus.

110d ago
Christopher110d ago

***The controls of dream can easily be mapped to k/m. Also, one could simply use the controller controls in the PC version. ***

Well, shoot. It's just that easy. Forget everything they've talked about how the game was built around the devices and stuff and how motion controls, including dual sense motion which is heavily used, don't work on PC. Since you say it's so simple, it must be. You obviously understand how the controls are utilized better than me and 100% know how much motion controls are at the foundation of the game in design mode.

Abnor_Mal110d ago

@Christopher Okay I get what you're saying, somewhat. Being that you mentioned the move controllers, even though they are a bit archaic, could those controls still be difficult to translate to say a PCVR system, sans duqlshock vibrations. I fully understand it could be a whole different ball game regarding dual sense.

And I guess it would take a lot of work to redo/adjust so many things just to make it compatible with PC, seeing as how long the game took to come out on PS4.

Fftooic: I ask this because I was also wondering about when PSVR2 comes out will there be updates for older PSVR games that use the move to be updated to the new controllers, or will we not be able to carry those games over and have more dexterity.

Anyways thanks for the repl(y/ies).

Christopher110d ago

*** I ask this because I was also wondering about when PSVR2 comes out will there be updates for older PSVR games that use the move to be updated to the new controllers, or will we not be able to carry those games over and have more dexterity.***

I'm going to assume that move controllers will see support as legacy devices in this case as well as (hopefully) updated for the new controllers natively and not requiring developers do that support themselves (it is Sony, though, so who knows?).

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Inverno110d ago

I think the first step right now is to do with it what rpgmaker did. Release a free version that allows people to play creations but the tools need to be bought. Something like DREAMS needs to be in the hands of as many people it can be to succeed long term and a free app could help.
I think eventually it'll just be entirely free with the option to publish full blown standalone games requiring a licensing fee. Maybe under something like the return of Playstation Minis.

Applejack110d ago

Yet another reminder of how awesome this game truly is! Haven’t played in quite awhile. Did the PS5 update come out yet?

SullysCigar110d ago

No PS5 or multiplayer yet, as far as I'm aware. The last major update was the VR one. It's pretty crazy that you could play every thing in VR though tbf!

Outlawzz110d ago

Lmao that penguin looks hilarious. I'll check this out, I have dreams but never really gave it a shot since I'm not much of a creator.

rockwhynot110d ago

Is it really easy to make visions come to life in Dreams? Or does it take like 20 hours of practice? Could one make a game similar to Big Donk City in Mario Odyssey with a destructible environment in Dreams?

CosmicTurtle110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

It takes time to learn. You can save time by using assets created by other players. But there are limitations to the amount that can be done when it comes to logic and graphical complexities I also have not seen many graceful examples of ledge grabbing which is a key component of 3D platformers in my eyes. There are very talented designers on it. It is worth the entry fee just to see what people have done, enjoy that and It may inspire you to put in the hours. The game is often on sale.

Nacho_Z109d ago

Do you think ledge grabbing might be something that can be done when the PS5 version comes out or is it an inherent limitation of the game that there's no way around?

I had been planning a 2D platformer but it's a key ability for them as you say.