What the heck’s an Intellivision Amico? Console’s leaky dev portal offers hints

Creators compare the $250 crowdfunded console's power to a chip from a $100 2016 smartphone. Since its announcement as a crowdfunded game console in 2018, the Intellivision Amico has had a weird public image. There have been many YouTube pronouncements about its family-friendliness, yet there are few concrete details that have convinced us it will stand out in an increasingly crowded home-gaming market.

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mastaleep199d ago

Intellivision CEO said there is misinformation in what arstechnica wrote

JustTheFax199d ago

Of course they would say that. Tommy Tallarico was all over twitter yesterday sperging out because he leaked his own information. haha

VivaChe199d ago

They apparently use hacked information for the article, which is kinda douchey

CYALTR199d ago

Changed category to rumor. Thanks for pointing that out.

TechRaptor199d ago

"Hacked" was the developer portal was left public

JustTheFax199d ago

haha no they didn't. They posted it all publicly on their own webpage.