The strategic partnership of Konami Digital Entertainment and Bloober Team

KONAMI, one of the world’s largest game publisher, and Bloober Team, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. It will include jointly developing selected contents and exchanging know-how.

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Sonyslave387d ago

Oh shet it true yall. The rumors said their were going to be two silent hill games one by blooper the other by someone else.

FanboysKiller87d ago

One of them will be a walking simulator and the other will be a love story , don't think theres a 3rd option for silent hill.

Michiel198987d ago

and both of them will end up cancelled.

-Foxtrot87d ago

Oh God

Blooper Team, especially after the Medium, does not inspire confidence at all

StoneyYoshi87d ago

Hopefully they just got their bad game out of the way. Layers of fear were solid horror games and I feel they have the ability to make a solid horror game.

Concertoine87d ago

Surprised so many don't like it. I thought it was easily their best game, which is still a 7/10 admittedly. Every once and a while it scratched that uncanny PS2 era horror vibe and for that I quite enjoyed it.

The thing with Blooper is they tell great stories and make great worlds, but their gameplay is lacking. It feels like a big team of art guys.

jonny89787d ago

Well, Bloober gave us a poor man's Silent Hill, hopefully some other studio is making a new SH game.

Highrevz87d ago

It’s not the same as working on a Silent Hill though. They got the camera angles right, the other game could be first person.

CaptainHenry91687d ago

Yes the Medium was mediocre at best. I actually fell asleep 😴 playing it. Was just a walking simulator

DarXyde87d ago

...The Mediocre?
That's disheartening. When they first showed it last year, my first thought was that it looked great. An actually good horror title to fill a void that hasn't really been filled since PS2 (and p.T if you count that).

Though I do think that "walking simulator" gets tossed around a bit much these days. People said the same of Hellblade (y'know, before Ninja Theory was acquired) and Death Stranding. It just seems to be the go-to phrase for slow-paced games now.

Soldierone87d ago


I agree, I dont think people know what "walking simulator" even came from anymore. I've had walking simulators that were a snoozefest (Example Everybody's Gone to Rapture). There was a period where walking simulators were releasing weekly because people figured out how easy it was to make.

RaidenBlack87d ago

Hope they don't make it with fixed camera angle that they experimented with The Medium. Save it for Medium II.
I know many people will say its "authentic" to classic-SH experience but guys Kojima tried SHs with FP camera.
Since its from Bloober, it'll be UE4/5 based. All we need is a simple over the shoulder third person psychological horror Silent Hill game.

CaptainHenry91687d ago

If you notice most Blooper games are walking simulators without combat. My expectations is low for this game.

BigMalk86d ago

I don't think over the shoulder is a good idea for SH at all.

Most of the games focus on melee combat, so fixed or first person views would work much better.

OTS is good for more gunplay orientated games.

RaidenBlack86d ago

And what about some hack n slash action adventure games with OTS view?

BigMalk86d ago

Most of those are more a farther away third person cam. OTS is basically RE2 remake, which is an awkward angle for melee.

RaidenBlack86d ago

A Silent Hill game with OTS view can dynamically shift (zoom out) the camera when in combat, a la new God of War style.

SoulWarrior87d ago (Edited 87d ago )

Well that's underwhelming news, very mediocre studio. Hopefully the other project has more promise.

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Thundercat7787d ago

I wonder if Konami would ever give us real good news again one day.

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