Battlefield 2042 Will Have NVIDIA (Supporting DLSS and Reflex) and Xbox as Its Partners

EA and DICE announced the official partners for Battlefield 2042. These include NVIDIA on PC and Xbox on next-generation consoles.

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porkChop80d ago

"However, it said nothing about real-time ray tracing, which may suggest that the game won't feature it."

If the last BF had ray tracing then do they have to specifically mention it every time from here on out? Why wouldn't they support it this time?

Alexious80d ago

Of course they do. BFV had DLSS but they specified it again, it's not a given.
For a multiplayer-only game the performance cost may not be worth it.

Destiny108080d ago

first-party developers are not even using ray-tracing and that's with games running at 30fps and you think games running at 60fps from third party developers is a given

porkChop80d ago

Did you actually read the article? The quote I posted was talking specifically about the PC version. So what do first party console devs have to do with it? The last BF game had ray tracing, the engine already has built-in support for it on PC.

instantstupor79d ago

Clearly the suits at these companies know there's value in doing it, but I don't understand when companies "waste" their money becoming official partners for a specific game. Use that money for literally anything else - make a new game, support some indie titles, hire another few devs to improve your console...or hell, even though I generally hate timed exclusives it feels like there's more value in that than just becoming a partner on a multiplatform title.

BLAKHOODe79d ago

Being primarily a PS5 gamer, it being an Xbox partner tells me to not preorder and take a "wait and see" approach. And it releasing this Fall with a ton of other games, without preordering it ahead of time, I'm way less likely to pick it up at full price.

instantstupor79d ago (Edited 79d ago )

Not preordering and taking a "wait and see" approach is pretty much what I do for every single game out there. Quality is not guaranteed, and pre-release videos and trailers regularly do not represent the game we ultimately get. Waiting for reviews/player comments, a price drop, and a few patches always seem the better way to go.

That said, I don't believe that any company is foolish enough to actively make one version worse than another when millions of copies and hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake - I wouldn't let a partnership sway your purchasing decision.