Gamecell: Call of Duty: World at War PS3 review

In summary, Call of Duty: World at War is a solid effort from Treyarch that doesn't quite hit the heights of the other FPS blockbusters released this year, or indeed its predecessor. The campaign mode provides a good few hours of adrenaline-fuelled shooting and will satisfy those gamers who are willing to overlook the scripting, poor AI and grenades (Grrrrrrr). Multiplayer is outstanding in its execution, but only different to CoD4 in terms of the maps and vintage of the weapons.

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Gun_Senshi3602d ago

Multiplayer is utterly unbalanced beyond Belive.

I don't know if they fixed it since EU Launch but on EU Launch I ended up trading in next monday.

George Sears3602d ago

How so unbalanced because I was thinking about getting it myself.

~"Jack, it's not power I want"~

Gun_Senshi3602d ago


You want to level fast and "PWN"? Go Juggernaut and Sub Machine Gun.

Example. A Bolt action rifle takes 5 shots in torse of someoen with juggernaut with stopping power while he kills me in seconds. Not to mention Thompson is laser sharp accurate even at sniper range its not even funny. Its a run and gun spraying juggernoob feast. They should had looked at COD2 for Balance on WWII