Gamecell: Mirror's Edge review


"To all intents and purposes Mirror's Edge is an urban, first person Tomb Raider, but the first person view and free running aspect makes it unique and fresh. I'd never have believed that movement like this could feel so right or even be playable, but it does work, and the dynamic sensation as you sprint around the rooftops fleeing from armed enemies, or stealthily sneak up on one to disarm him is highly atmospheric, as only a first person game can be. The game's failings are that it sometimes feels like one long 'real time event', as one mistimed button press can cause death. That, along with its short-ish campaign and a lack of true multiplayer modes are the reasons for its less than amazing score. Mirror's Edge is hugely stylish and polished, and I could imagine that if developers DICE and EA both put their weight behind Faith she could become a huge franchise. "

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