Battlefield 2042: Playing With AI Will Add to “Overall Progress,” Hazard Zone to Move BR Concept

In Battlefield 2042, playing with AI will still add to a player's "overall progress," DICE says Hazard Zone will "move Battle Royale concept in a way only Battlefield can."

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bradfh81d ago

Filling severs with 64 AI bots isnt really a 128 pvp.


How long do you want matchmaking to be?

As long as they are constantly trying to fill the lobby to replace bots, I think bots are the only way to make matchmaking times viable, especially a few years down the road once the community settles.

bradfh81d ago

CoD Warzone does it with 150 players without any Ai Bots.

execution1781d ago

MAG didn't really have a long time filling servers at 256 players... just near the end it got harder to find games


I think it is smart to try to innovate BR. The final circle concept works, but nobody has tried to improve upon it yet.

I hope that they include solos as a playlist still, instead of sticking strictly to a team-based BR.

Steven87i81d ago

sounds cool to me, i hate it like 3am no ones on as there asleep having ai is a wonderful feature

Psychotica78d ago

Awesome, it’s about time.