Welcoming Housemarque to the PlayStation Studios family

From PS Blog: "Today I’m thrilled to welcome a new member to the PlayStation Studios family! I have been a fan of Housemarque since the studio’s early days when they introduced Super Stardust HD to PlayStation fans. Housemarque’s recent release of Returnal proves the studio is one with incredible vision, capable of creating memorable new games that resonate with our community. This addition enhances the creative force of PlayStation Studios, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for Housemarque."

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SullysCigar89d ago

Awesome news - long overdue, but still awesome!

Sonic-and-Crash89d ago

well done to Housemarque that made a game like Returnal...and secondary congrats for Joining PS family

RaidenBlack89d ago

Sensible bit of business and in line with Sony's usual acquisition policy of working with a developer, almost exclusively, for many years before a buyout.

Babadook789d ago

Reternal must have impressed WWS.

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Army_of_Darkness88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Great news! Now give us the Aesthetics of Returnal in a Dead nation sequel! Please.

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Rockstar89d ago

I'm still not sure why this hasn't happened already. Let's go Sony.

Sitdown89d ago

Apparently that was accidently leaked as well.

Fiddlerblue89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

I'm seeing that it leaked as well. Playstation Japan's account accidentally posted a welcome Bluepoint graphic before it was removed. People took screenshots.

medman89d ago

They showed out with Returnal. Smart move by Sony. May they keep making them. To be quite frank, they should lockdown bluepoint and if possible, increase substantially their 2 percent investment in FromSoftware....immediately.

Jin_Sakai89d ago

Welcome to the PlayStation family. Housemarque are a great developer and now they will have more resources and access to Sony’s first party development tools. Can’t wait for what’s next.

TheEroica88d ago

Housemarqe has made more fun games than naughty dog has.

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FallenAngel198489d ago (Edited 89d ago )

The studio has come a long way since Stardust

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LegoIsAwesome89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Does it matter? Acquired or not, their game will still come to PC, their other competitor that they wont admit right?


Hermen: "But I want to emphasize that PlayStation will remain the best place to play our PlayStation Studios titles at launch."

So again does it even matter? Or the game NOT coming to Xbox is all that matters?

neutralgamer199289d ago

Coming years after launch to oc doesn't matter. Coming day one does matter because it means your platform isn't needed to play games. People act like Sony has ported all their PlayStation 4 portfolio to PC when in reality they have only released handful of PlayStation 4 exclusives on PC. Releasing them on pc doesn't hurry playstation. It generates more money Sony can use to invest more into future of their studios

Let's be honest here if they were to bring uncharted 1-4 to PC would that really hurt playstation 4/5? But guess what when next uncharted us coming exclusive to ps5 some of those of gamers will buy a ps5 to play it because there is no way of knowing if and when it will be released on ps5. And when someone buys a ps5 or XSX they will buy more games and services on those machines so Sony and Ms make more money when someone buys their console

ShadowWolf71289d ago


Random and off-topic but ok.

dbcoops89d ago

So now acquisitions suddenly don't matter?

LegoIsAwesome89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Attack of the Sony fanboys KEKW. So from a console that has TONS exclusives, to a console that has TONS of timed exclusive because they re too busy sucking the PC fruit instead of their own console? Where's the PS5 version of HZD and DG? No? That's the 60fps for DG? Lol. Keep on sucking Jim Ryan and Hermen's d*ck guys. It's for the best interest of Sony that you keep supporting those 2 retards.

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Chevalier89d ago

What games were headed to Xbox from House Marque? Lol. Last I checked they've been exclusive to Playstation for like a decade or more. Talk about uninformed

SpineSaw89d ago


Why should a Sony even consider putting their First Party games on Xbox? Sony sells millions upon millions of First Party games they don't need to come to Xbox it would be a waste of time and money to get nothing in return. While other company's can't sell their First Party games because well, they just simply are not that good so they have to put those games on a service to get people to look at them. No, Sony First Party doesn't have such problems and does not need Xbox at all.

Mr Logic88d ago

The last Housemarque game that came to Xbox was in 2011. Who cares if their non-existent games aren't coming to Xbox? That wasn't happening in the first place anyways.

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Vits89d ago

I mean they were already basically a Playstation studio. If we look at their last 10 releases I think something like 7 or 8 of them are PS exclusives. So the acquisition make sense.

Plus now that they have a safety net. Maybe they can revisit the "arcade genre" that they had proclaimed to be dead in 2017.

generic-user-name89d ago

Considering Sony only acquired them after they abandoned the arcade genre and went big AAA, I can see them being AAA from now on.

Vits89d ago

I can see that happening as well. Though I wish that it didn't.

Viking_mo89d ago

They tweeted that few weeks back saying they want to make triple A titles now after Returnal. Getting a funding from Sony is perfect too

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Eidolon89d ago

I wasn't surprised that Housemarque made something like Returnal, but just that they have shifted from that Arcade style to TPS, and roguelike. But I still feel Returnal is intrinsically a Housemarque game. I do hope that they won't shy away from working on smaller arcade games(on the side).

Christopher89d ago

I don't see why they can't do both.

ShadowWolf71289d ago

I mean, at its core, Returnal has some true arcade elements to it.

So in a way, they're kinda making both?

novanis88d ago

I could see both in that case, that they can now also make the little arcarde games in between.
I am in any case happy for them because it was very difficult for them in the last years in general and they were able to make a complete 180° turn and come the other way out.

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ArchangelMike89d ago

I think it's more likely to be a sequel to Returnal. Probaly some DLC first to give it more marketability, but I think an eventual sequel makes sense.

dbcoops89d ago

"I mean they were already basically a Playstation studio."

Which is why people were right when they said Sony fosters long term relationships with closely partnered developers before making a decision to acquire, as apposed to swooping in and spending billions to buy developers who have been multiplat for decades taking away games from a portion of the gaming community.

Chevalier89d ago

If they get a huge team together to support their development then I could see them doing a AAA project with small AA games with a small subteam too. Now to get this studio expanded and watch them prosper

marcuzgungeze1088d ago

I don’t think they thought the arcade genre was dead but were indicating they needed to change strategies because they wanted to bring a bigger profit to their games to pay for their amazing production quality. The studio has grown and Returnal shows that they had blended their arcade roots with a AAA experience

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DOMination-89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Good and sensible move for all involved. I remember playing Elfmania and Stardust back on the Amiga back in the early 90s and never would have thought this small studio would have survived all of this time. Looking forward now to the next part of their journey!