The Cliffster's Badass Plan to Fix New Games Journo

Hardcasual writes: "How did I, Cliff Blezinski, become CliffyB? Kitchen-squats. And when Cliffy B didn't bed a dozen women a night, what'd he do? Juiced pheromones out of dominant apes and slurped them like a friggin Diet Soda.

Cliffy B takes action. So when folks get upset about New Games Journalism, the Cliffster fixes it. He fixes it because he cares. He fixes it and runs twenty miles to tame his gluts and then he fixes it again.

Here's the Cliffster's badass plan."

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GWAVE3602d ago

Hilarious. I wouldn't at all be surprised if he DID write this. :^D

KidMakeshift3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Does everyone on N4G want "Cliffy B's" C0Ck?


Please stop posting this sh!t!!!

beavis4play3602d ago

so much for approval standards

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