Halo & Battlefield Devs Are Working on New Shooter Together

Halo developers and Battlefield devs are getting together in the new TiMi Seattle studio to work on a brand-new shooter game. Here's what we know about the new IP from the all-start devs team.

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LordoftheCritics88d ago

Ex devs or current devs of those franchises?

Gunstar7588d ago

Ex devs. Now owned by Tencent...

Tacoboto88d ago

"... are getting together in the new TiMi Seattle studio"

It's right there, literally just below the headline

LordoftheCritics87d ago

I thought it could be devs that havent left and those two teams are doing a combined effort or something.

EarlyGamegg88d ago

as far as i know, former devs with lots of experience

CaptainHenry91688d ago

This is going to be a multiplatform game

Hikoran88d ago

This could be something here..

FlavorLav0188d ago

Tencent owned. They can shove there CCP money up their a$$

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