Fantastic Four Should Get The Guardians of the Galaxy Treatment, X-Men Should Get Avengers

Square Enix is taking two very different approaches with its Marvel games, but it could leverage those formulas towards Marvel's other big teams.

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CorndogBurglar89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Don't you dare say X-Men should get the Avengers treatment. X-Men (and Avengers) deserved WAY better than that steaming pile of garbage Avengers game. Avengers should never have been a GAAS, and neither should X-Men.

Also, the article says this, "With Square Enix seemingly taking two very different approaches with its Marvel games from here on out"

Who ever said Square Enix would only be making Marvel games like this from now on? At no point has anyone at Square Enix said all of their Marvel games will either be like GotG or Avengers lol.

X-Men should be something along the lines of X-Men legends. It doesn't need to be a top down game either. But a story driven, single player/co-op game is what it needs.

Personally, I would kill for a party based, turn-based RPG of X-Men, but I know thats never going to happen.