Australian Classification has rated id Software's new game, codenamed Project 2021B

Earlier today, a new rating appeared for another id Software game, codenamed Project 2021B.

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DJStotty83d ago

(shuts eyes and crosses fingers)

"please be quake, please be quake, please be quake"

Futureshark83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Yep, Quake 1 was always my favourite too.
I believe it's the 25th anniversary of its release very soon (I feel old), so could be a reissue for the celebration hopefully.

DJStotty83d ago

I hope so, they were the games i used to play when i was primarily on PC, Quake, Hexen, Doom, Unreal tournament and how can i not mention Half-life lol.

We are well overdue a new Quake.


Krog01183d ago

If it is rated already, that must mean it is nearly content complete right? So just optimization and maybe additional modes left?

Maybe that is not true, but how can they rate a game that still has changes coming?

DJStotty83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I would say it is not that far in development as it is still listed as Project-2021b, could be a preliminary rating based off projected content.

Normally an ESRB rating has the actual game title.

DJStotty83d ago

Activision should also revive Hexen, the hours i put into that game back in the day.

RaidenBlack83d ago

Raven should resume making games of their own choice instead of assisting other CoD devs

RaidenBlack83d ago

Please be Gothic Quake I Reboot

DOMination-83d ago

Did Phil talk to them about this?

BrettAwesome83d ago

Why is this also listed as PS5 news? They belong to M$ now.

DJStotty83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

How does that mean a game will not come to PS5?

Last time i looked ID software is multiplatform, regardless of the takeover.

Edit : from the ratings listing :-

Media Type : Multi-platform

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