Has Xbox360 Maxed Out? Killzone 2 The True Next Generation Of Gaming HipHopGamerShow 12/7/08 Enjoy

* Did Cliffy B Lie To Me At E3? Analyist Discuss Gears possibly going to PS3 once again
* Microsoft aiming for the wii next year, Is The casual market really starting to take over the hardcore now?
* Killzone 2 Beta Review
* And Much Much More Enjoy

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Breakfast3603d ago

Pace yourself man....dont you want a long run?

WANNA GET HIGH3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Yes the 360 has been maxed out.U cannot notice a big difference between gears1 and 2 and that is the 360 best looking game.But u can notice a huge difference between resistance2 and killzone2.But that dose not mean new 360 exlusve games will not look better than gears2.All they have to do is make an engine with different graphics style than the one gears1 and 2 used and u will see a very lovely game.The ps3 was built with the cell and a 10yr life span so it still has a long way to go before it gets maxed out.Dont forget killzone2 is using only %60 of its power and dont forget we have not seen god of war3 and uncharted2.

faisdotal3603d ago

How do we ban this HipHopGamer douche?

Panthers3603d ago

@ above.

Just leave the site. I actually like these shows

003603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Let see if I can spin this, For resistance 2 wouldn't that mean the first game had to look not has good to see such a noticeable difference?,
And Killzone one was on a last gen console so of course there is going to be a major difference between one and two.

Well I think that should about do it.

v1c1ous3603d ago

all he needs is one show flaming the 360 for the ps3 brigade to forget how he also flames the ps3 once a month to appear "unbiased" and they forgive him.

Lifendz3603d ago

I doubt that was freestyle though.

I watch the show for entertainment and not the truth. If he's right, good stuff. If not, hey, I never came to the show looking for real news anyway. The kid makes me laugh and his show is entertaining.

The Killer3603d ago

i think 360 maxed out with gears of war 1 with only minor improvements can be done more than gears of war 1 and we saw that with halo 3,gears of war 2,fable 2 etc!!

beardtm3603d ago

Resi 5 looks better than Gears 2 and Killzone 2.

We will see what platform it looks/performs best on when it comes out.

My bets on 360.

MNicholas3603d ago

Even Microsoft said so. They asked if it wouldn't be better to have good graphics now (360) than better graphics later (PS3).

The question isn't which machine is more powerful but which is better suited to your gaming tastes. The fact is that both machines are very different in terms of game selection, features etc. Each one to his own.

ultimolu3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Oh wow...if he was singing the praises of the 360, he wouldn't be a douche, right?

San anto3603d ago

"How do we ban this HipHopGamer douche?"


egm_hiphopgamer3603d ago

I've been doing shows for almost a year i don't think i'm gonna run out of titles or anything to say about the game and hip hop industry as long as the business is alive i'm alive and your alive as well because your input counts too thanks for the support 1luv and god bless but notice wheneve i do have a title the title is generated from what's been going on recently in the game industry and that's the key to keeping things fresh you feel me 1luv and god bless to you and everybody even if you don't like my show aight peace

TheSadTruth3603d ago

First he ropes in all the PS3 fanboys by bashing Sony, then he shifts gears and

-Flamebait episodes to encourage more attention, get lots of hype, huge amount of views
-Changes to positive reviews and optimistic viewpoints, to start building a long term audience that will come to his site without using n4g

You can clearly see people only visit his site currently with attention grabbing headlines, will he be able to build a solid audience now? I think so, just read the comments from the fanboys.

One thing's clear: He's got you Sony fanboys by the balls

Monchichi0253603d ago

Just a friendly reminder to talk anything Hiphop gamer says with a grain of salt cuz he's a self admitted Sony fanboy. and I qoute:

"I'm not a big fan of xbox the system cuz I prefer ps3 more but at the same time the PS3 is more newsworthy than the 360 so in my position i lean on the ps3 side alot more."

Nothing against him personally, but know where the source comes from. Plus, don't he know the 360 is a lot more hip hop this generation becuase it's more affordable for the mass market. Ya heard?!

bigman73873603d ago

If you really don't want to listen to him, guess what? DON'T CLICK THE LINK. It really is that simple. There are hundreds of articles that go through this site without getting viewed by anybody.

Not like anyone is forcing you to watch it.

chanto233603d ago

you didn't understand what he tried to say...what he meant was that the graphical leap between Resistance 2 compared to Killzone 2 is huge...he wasn't comparing Resistance 1 with the second and Killzone 1 with the second.

Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 are PS3 only games that are supposed to show the power of the PS3 better than a 3rd party game. Same thing Gears should do for the 360, but between Gears 1 and Gears 2 the leap what small, hence he implied the 360 is maxed out, at least for the unreal engine.

Timesplitter143603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

dude, punctuation

And why do you always show your arms? Most of us are guys, you know...

And finally, I think rappers are clowns. For some real music, see ''Maggot Brain'' by Funkadelic. Music is regressing...

Saint Sony3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I hope it does well, but I'm pretty sure it's just another Lair.. ah no sorry not Lair.. what was it.. the famous Halo 3 killer.. oh yea HAZE!... wow!

How many hyped PS3 titles has actually lived up for it?

ps. The game with such a long production time will have to be something really really really damn sweet or PS3 will be laughed for ever. According to Killzone 1 ... failing is imminent.

pps. I'm just trying to lessen the hype, so Killzone 2 won't have to suffer so much. Without any of it's hype it would do perfectly well, but now people wait a bit too much from it and it can't deliver the promises.

GUNS N SWORDS3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

the hardware for ps3 and 360 hasn't changed since they came out, I'm getting tired of this age old debate.

SuperM3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Looks like the Hiphopgamershow is to much for the 360 fanboys to handle :)

And just to point it out, there is a difference between being a fan and being a fanboy. Just because you prefer a system doesnt make you a fanboy, everyone has a preference, thats just how it is. If you bash something just because its not on your favourite console, then you are a fanboy.

Hiphopgamer is definately no fanboy, he just has his preferences like everybody else. Anyone who actually watch the show would know (unless you are a fanboy yourself, then you will scream fanboy for anyone saying something positive about sony)

Anyway keep up the good work Hiphop

mikeslemonade3603d ago

The developer who made Forza said they used 90% of the 360 hardware and that was last fall. Right now the 360 is maxed out, but in there small defense developers can make games in more effiecient ways, so they squeeze just a little bit more, but it's not like PS3 where the full hardware isn't even being utilized yet(60% for Killzone 2). Right now 360 is being fully ultilized using all three processors.

Also the proof is in the pudding because no game on 360 in 2008 any better than it did in 2007. Gears of War 2 is the exception because of the engine and obviously Cliffy B is able to squeeze more out of the 360 because it's much easier because they got the formula from Gears 1. Gears 2 doesn't make a leap ahead in the graphics compared to Gears 1 neither. And also I don't think it's conclusive to say Gears 2 looks that much better than Bioshock.

BigBaehr3603d ago

Even if you nonbelievers continue to spew the "Killzone isn't proven" BS, what will you then say when GOW3, the established graphical powerhouse of last gen, comes. You will be on your knees begging for mercy in the end.

JsonHenry3603d ago

From what I can tell from being in the beta Killzone 2 does not look much better than any other top notch title out there. I mean, the weapons look better than in most. But the lighting, particle effects, and environment do not look anything head and shoulders above any other title, whether on the PS3 or the 360.

The reason everyone likes Killzone 2 so much is because the "feel" of the game. Your character moves like he is actually wearing combat armor. The guns jump all over the place when you shoot. Everything just feels like it actually has some "weight" to it, if that makes sense.

As far as the mutliplayer mode goes, it feels just like Resistance 2, IMO.

BigBaehr3603d ago

"the lighting, particle effects, and environment do not look anything head and shoulders above any other title"

Did we play the same beta? WTF are you smoking. It is what you mentioned above that seperates KZ2 from the boys.

JsonHenry3603d ago

Go play CoD4 or WaW, Gears, Far Cry 2, or R2. They look on par with KZ2.

When the game actually comes out I hope someone puts screens together and match it against other current gen games to show you what I mean.

The reason people like KZ2 is not because of the graphics (which are good, just not special) it is the gameplay and the feel of the game.

RememberThe3573603d ago

Wow... You actually believe what your saying...

Microsoft Xbox 3603603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Don't believe a word from Jsonhenry. He is just a troll judging by his passed comments. How long did it take you to come up with that BS comment? We know it's either BS or you're playing on a Zenith CRT TV.

Mind showing us proof that you have K2 beta installed or even having a PS3? No random online pics.

Raptors3603d ago

So...every single system in video game history has pushed out some fantastic games originally thought not possible towards the end of their console lifespan. And now, all of a sudden the 360 is the exception to the rule? Honestly guys, this fanboy stuff is really getting out of hand. I'm not saying you have to like the 360, but at least lets be sensible about it. This site is going to hell and the fanboys are taking it with them.

DaTruth3603d ago

That being the case, the Cryengine can make games to take advantage of future improvements in hardware so it wouldn't be much to take advantage of the 360 which is just a bunch of outdated PC parts in a slick looking box, it was outdated on release. Sony went with something new, Parallel processing and a whole new tech(something they always do) and it produces stuff like K2 which is somewhat comparable to Crysis.

INehalemEXI3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

For those that still think KZ2 is not bringing something new to the table visually...

watch in HD too ^^

Ive completed Cod4 ,and R2 etc. there is no FPS that does what KZ2 does graphically sorry but no ...not even crysis (many textures and physics in crysis are still more impressive though) has all the fx seen in KZ2. stunning environments.

As impressive as that video is , its still preview code. Its most likely not fully populated and polished....Yet its so frigan purty.

JsonHenry3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Killzone 2 is the ONLY reason I have not sold or traded my PS3 yet.

And NO KZ2 is not even close to comparable to Crysis. Crysis looks better by far. But KZ2 is a lot more fun to play and has better atmosphere.

mikeslemonade3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Compare the ONLINE BETA for COD4 with Killzone 2 beta. I think if you compare a game's single player final product it's going to look about the same as Killzone 2. The online for COD4 was amazing on release but not anymore.

I don't why you say Killzone 2 is the only reason you are keeping your PS3. I read your posts before I know sure as hell that you never thought Killzone 2 would even live up to the hype or match the E3 05 trailer. The point is things change and PS3 is just getting started with Killzone 2 only utilizing 60%. There's a lot more games coming out in 2009 that you haven't seen and i'm not going to name them because they've been said countless times.

INehalemEXI3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Crysis and KZ2 both look good , granted 1 is out and one is thats an assumption. From what ive played of Crysis its on this pc im using ...and what ive seen of KZ2...Crysis looks better in ways yet KZ2 looks better then Crysis in ways also.

Look at that video and tell me which game looks like it nails sci fi/realistic shooter genre best visually? Never mind that you has glaucoma. Just because I have crysis on my high end pc does not mean im going to miss KZ2...

Not only by feel do I think KZ2's guns >crysis guns also visually they may be better detailed not only that but KZ2's reload animations blow Crysis away too.
Crysis is modable though....Its also probably got the best jungles...with the trees able to be mowed down and all. Each has/will have its own pro's and con's trust me.

3603d ago
INehalemEXI3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

LMAO, like Michael Pachter knows all....that dude is wrong more oft then not... HHG is affiliated press just because his show integrates Hip Hop and gaming culture you question...IGN not only does games but movies,tv shows, and babes , im not complaining...and I only watch if I feel like it. No one's going to force you to click.

The Lazy One3603d ago

let's compare two games running on the same engine designed to be multi platform on the 360 (gears 1 and gears 2) to two games with platform specific engines that have been in development since before the launch of any of the next gen consoles (resistance 2 and KZ2).

Far Cry 2 and Gears 2 are comparable to KZ2 on every level, especially considering that they've had fractions of the development time.

That said, no the 360 is not maxed yet. Just because games use all the hardware they're given doesn't mean they can't use all the hardware better later. Shadow of the Colossus is a great example of pushing hardware in different ways to make beautiful games on maxed out hardware.


Silly PS3 fanboys comparing Unreal Engine 3 vs tweaked Unreal Engine 3. Compare Gears of War 2 to something new instead like Alan Wake just saying man dont bash me:)

AAACE53603d ago

Yes, the Ps3 will have a 10 year lifespan. But not what you think!

The Ps2 almost has a 10 year life span. It doesn't mean that Sony will come out with a Ps4 after 10 years... it means that when the new console comes out, the Ps3 will play the same role the Ps2 does now!

Sony, MS and Nintendo will all launch their next console around the same time of each other.

I'm not saying anything bad about the Ps3... Just explaining what the 10 year plan really means! People will still be playing it, and there will be great games for it just like the Ps2 still got great games after the Ps3 came out.

Elven63603d ago

Take what developers say about power with a grain of salt, theirs no meter on the console telling the devs how much power they are using. If a developer says "Hey I'm using 60% of the PS3's power" it's only 60% of what they know, not the system has a whole.

I bet you 99.9% of the time it's all developer hype to stir talk about the game.

Regarding the show, I don't mind Hiphopgamer, he seems like a cool guy, just not into his shows, or his titles.

y0haN3603d ago

Every week he changes his stance. It's just getting tedious.

pavarotti3603d ago

gears 2 only looks slightly better than gears 1 because epic had pretty much fully OPTIMISED THE GAME ENGINE, i repeat GAME ENGINE the first time around....basically, they had already maxed THE GAME ENGINE with gears 1. there wasn't much more they could do!

just like kz3 wont be much better than kz2, because of the very same reason. kz2 looks so incredible because it's running on a SUPER GAME ENGINE. man, there's some idiots on this site.

pop in a lauch itle from the ps2, then put in a recent release to see the difference. are you lot, and ofcourse a know nothing hit getter like hiphop gamer, really trying to say that a console has been maxed in under 3 years????? when no other console has been maxed so quickly?? seriously. get a grip ffs.

although, microsoft not having many game studios, cant and shouldn't expect a third party dev to spend the time, money and effort to craft great GAME ENGINES(like kz2's)....those sort of investments have to come from first-party in-house devs.

now, we do have a member(i wont mention his name) who claims to be a developer on here. it's interesting that he never posts in these sort of threads. is it because he's a blagger who doesn't want to get found out? or because he's frightened of losing his bubbles from the vegenful fanboys when he undoubtably upsets one side of the fanboys????

seriosly, only on n4g does this sort of nonsense exist, and is applauded. only last week hip-hop was a "sell-out" now it's a 300+reply topic that has had the sdf turn out in force...n4g, saddest site and community on the net.

mikeslemonade, post a link please saying that forza2 used 90% of the 360s power. although, forza2 does have lots of things happening behind the, all the real-time calculations going on for the car and such.

capitals are for the idiots that have come on here talking absolute sh!t as usual.

Yipee Bog3603d ago

feel extremely embarrassed with that rap at the beginning of the 1st vid? I literally had to stop watching it. Is that what the hiphopgamer thing is all about? very unimpressed.

DaTruth3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Sorry, the engine is multiplat and it's fully optimized form is on the PC and the graphics for Gears look amazing on the PC. So I guess your comment fails.

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power of Green 3603d ago

LOL Alan Wake is more graphically impressive than KZ2 and Ferarri Project kills GT5.

There are multi platform games that beat gears and KZ

PirateThom3603d ago

Alan Wake hasn't even been seen on 360 hardware.

Aclay3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

@ POG,

How the hell do you know that Alan Wake "kills" Killzone 2 graphically when you haven't seen anything but a damn trailer that was probably running off of the PC version? As far as I'm concerned Heavy Rain looks just as good as Alan Wake, if not better.

And what the heck is Ferrari Project? Ferrari Challenge? That game doesn't even come close to Gran Turismo 5 Prologue son. That Ferrari game from System 3 was a flop. You are in serious denial POG.

Graphics Whore3603d ago

You can always count on green to be in denial mode.

jakinov3603d ago

Pshizzle, green

Alan WAke is a PC then 360 game not 360 then PC, everything they've shown is from PC and PC graphics are signifcantly better because it's hardware isn't fixed.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

What did he say??? Did Cliffy B say -

'I do not get a Stiff One thinking of 15 year old 'Gears of War' Fans!!!' ;-D

Gears on PS3??? NO THANKS!!!

p.s Has anyone played 'WipeOut:HD' on a SONY HD:TV(KDL-40W4000)on the 'SOL 2' track
(while playing your own music off the PS3)???
F**K-ME!!! ;-P It was the most AMAZING thing i have ever seen!!! ;-P
That was Next-gen!!! Not xBox 360 CR*P!!! ;-D
The PS3 is AMAZING!!!;)

dukadork3603d ago

played on a 110' HD projector with custom soundtrack


I love that (sol) track, looks amazing
bubbles for you buddy!

steck673603d ago

It isnt fair when you compare a PC game to a console game.

AngryTypingGuy3603d ago

Let's wait until both Alan Wake and KZ2 to come out before deciding which looks more amazing, as both games will, no doubt. However, sometimes screenshots and even video that you see on the web before release can be deceiving. Until you're actually playing it on your TV, know never know how it'll look before hand.

Everyone is so excited over these two games because of graphics, but there's always the possibility that game play-wise, they'll be duds. Let's hope not.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago

110' HD projector??? Er yeah that would kick'@SS!!!;)
That track(SOL 2)is Amazing. Can't wait for SOL 3!!! ;-D
(Never did play SOL 1 tho) ;-D
Bubble for you to;)

Microsoft Xbox 3603603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Alan Wake and Killzone 2 were both announced back in 2005 E3. Only Killzone 2, the graphical powerhouse, has a set release date. Who knows if Alan Wake even exists? The people developing that game can't squeeze out the promised graphics on my POS hardware specs. GTFO

olivia3603d ago

love it when the guy in the end said that xbox 360 sh*t on him twice,i almost crap my pants on that one.oh and if gears ever come to ps3 the 360 is doom sooner than will find it in the trash where it belongs.and even though i sound like a sonyfanboy i am realy loyal to a true gaming giant not a wanna be(:

Rhythmattic3603d ago

power of Green. you sir, are the Definition of Delusional.

jcfilth3603d ago

The 360 is maxed out!!! for those of you who don't remember, it was the Unreal Engine 3 that got an upgrade and that's what gave GeOW2 a better lightning and shadowing affect, that's why it looks "better".


joevfx3598d ago

Alan wake and KZ2 are two totally different games. you do relize that somethings liek graphics need to be sacrificed when a ton of stuff is goign on on screen at once and processing powerer is needed to do stuff like AI and physics. Alan wake doenst have all that crap going on on screen all at one time. SO you cant really compair the two games.

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003603d ago

you're trying way to hard to get hits.

WANNA GET HIGH3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

If u dont like hes show dont watch.

003603d ago

"Has Xbox360 Maxed Out? Killzone 2 The True Next Generation Of Gaming"

Seriously did you not read the title.

elorm93603d ago

He doesn't bash the 360. So if I said 360 pushed the standards for an online community, am I biased? :|

xSHROOMZx3603d ago

Every article Ive seen from this idiot is always biased. Check his last 4-5 webshows. F***ing biased f****t. Oh and btw, cant see a difference between gears 1 and gears 2? O....k..... and Gears 2 is tha best looking game on any system right now. Resistance 2 graphic wise is crap, and K2 does look aight, but we all know tha 1st was s**t, gameplay wise. What sucks is there is really nothing to look forward to for game anymore, on 360 or PS3, both of my systems are starting to collect dust. My Wii isnt cuz of my kids playing it, so Im not biased myself, Im just getting sick and tired of this "hiphopgamer" idiot posting s**t boosting Playstation only and bashin 360 then claim hes not biased at all.... what tha f**k ever!

Breakfast3603d ago

This is last weeks show.

Yes there are hypocrites on this site. You know what console you support :)

lol...but thats not the point. Point is that the serious flamebait titles, gotta stop.

GiantEnemyCrab3603d ago

haha 2.5 you beat me to it. Sooo many hypocrite sheep/lemmings or whatever you want to call them at.

360 is definately not maxed out and even HHG knows it.