Why Did Very Few Gamers Play The Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC?

Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC is a very good story DLC. The only problem is very few people on the Xbox platform actually played it. How is this possible?

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iplay1up283d ago

I thought HiveBusters was a fun expansion. It looked fantastic on my Series X.

alb189982d ago

I and my friends downloaded it but Everytime we are together we start to play Warzone. I will play it this weekend.

82d ago
NeoGamer23281d ago (Edited 81d ago )

To me, the hivebusters expansion was the best chapter of Gears 5. For those that have the expansion. If you own it on GamePass or for real, you should play it.

Kurt Russell81d ago

I smashed through it with a friend. It is the best Gears has been in a long time, the new characters are so much better than the Gears 4/5 group... And damn it looked nice.

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IRetrouk83d ago

Surely this is just a glitch or something🤔

DJStotty83d ago

Yeah it is a glitch, a quick look on TA shows that 92% have gotten the 1st achievement, even though it still shows as rare.

67% have completed all chapters of the DLC

Granted this is only TA tracked gamers, but is normally a good representation of the overall playerbase.

IRetrouk83d ago

I assumed as much, used to use the site myself, was never 100% lol

DJStotty83d ago

I just had a quick look and the majority of Gears 5 achievements have only been unlocked by <5%. And that is the total playerbase according to

It looks like the majority of Gears players just play MP as opposed to SP.

IRetrouk83d ago

Probably a realistic reason for it, it was always more of an online thing anyway, atleast for me and those I played with.

DJStotty83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

I played Gears 3 for a while online (i am absolutely terrible at it lol) but have yet to play 4 and 5, i have owned them all and the only campaign i have fully completed is Gears 1 lol.

IRetrouk83d ago

I completed the first 3 with my wife, played all 3 online too, 4 and 5 didn't pull me in as much, not sure lf it was the new characters or just a bit of fatigue, I do plan on going back to them though, just need to pry my xbox from my son, maybe I could use that as a reason to get a series x? You think the wife will buy it? Lol

DJStotty83d ago

lol, it sounds like valid reason to me lol.

I lost interest after the 3rd, and went to other games, i will play them again at some point (probably not online though).

IRetrouk83d ago

Lol, fingers crossed, deff have to finish the story, online I'm probably not gonna do either

NeoGamer23281d ago (Edited 81d ago )

Ya, TA is a good site but to use it as an accurate stats site for indicating people playing is not a good thing.

A better stat is there is 267,000 gamers on TA with the game and 46,000 have the expansion. About 20% of original game players play the expansion which is pretty on par with other DLCs.

And for those that think that 267,000 game players is the actual total game players. Look at The Last of Us II on PS.... It says there are 180,000 gamers.

True Achievements and True Trophies do not represent everyone playing the game.

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waverider83d ago

The story is long dead and gamers want something fresh. Its even more strange is the fact this DLC is on gamepass and less then 10% didnt play this game not even for 15 minutes ...

phoenixwing83d ago

I bought gears 5 but have yet to play it or the dlc too many games in my backlog

waverider83d ago

I think its the best game to show the Series X power.

DJStotty83d ago

The game that is used to showcase xbox's power, and has been for generations, is the Forza Motorsport series. (not horizon).

phoenixwing82d ago

Wave I have a pc not a xbox

badz14982d ago

Gears 5 is dirt cheap on Steam summer sales right now too - even cheaper than A Hat in Time. maybe I should finally get it? I don't still-sealed copy of Gears4 lurking back there somewhere.

funny story with that...I bought Gears4 pretty early on because it came with Gears1-3 too, right? I thought I was gonna buy an xbone at a later time back then, but then MS announced they are going PC. so...yeah...THAT happened!

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DJStotty83d ago


You jumped on this quite quick without doing research buddy.

92% of tracked gamers played the DLC, it is right there in the TA achievements listing


Unlocked during 2nd chapter

waverider83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Dude go read the story. I just told what is in the story. they didnt even play 15 minutes of the game. Thats what he saying. And yes achievements is something easy to see how much did the gamer played.

Highrevz82d ago

@Waverider achievements and trophies are not useful to gauge players on. They all have strange figures due to a achievement hunters and people starting the game without unlocking any.

The % for the dlc might be based on people who have GPU which could count as them “owning” the dlc

The article doesn’t mention how this is calculated and I’d like to truly know how they are.

On topic Gears is Niche and has never been one for high players, especially the campaign and DLC.

DJStotty82d ago (Edited 82d ago )


I read the story, i am just telling you the correct figures for the achievements mentioned in the article.

Did you read it? If not i will quote the article itself, and how he came to his "conclusion" that no one played more than 15 minutes.

1) "If you are still reading and are wondering how I came to this conclusion, the answer is very simple. The very first achievement that you receive at the beginning of the DLC for simply just playing the game is a rare achievement."

Fact check - According to TA - 67% of tracked gamers completed all DLC missions (31,239 gamers) (offical figures) 3.2% of all gamers completed the DLC

So at least 160,000 gamers completed the DLC (using 5m sales as a baseline)

2) "And thanks to sites like True Achievements, you can see that every single achievement for the Gears 5: HiveBusters DLC for right now is a rare achievement."

He has based all his "findings" off a ping you get when you unlock a rare achievement.

Fact check - More or less all achievements in gears 5 are rare, not just the hivebusters DLC.

A rare achievement in Gears 5's case, would amount to less than 500,000 people playing the first mission of the DLC, at the moment it stands at 4.72% = at least 236,000 gamers playing the first mission (using 5m sales as a baseline)

Summary - Article is attempting to make a mountain out of a molehill, and trying to paint Gears 5, as being "dead", which in reality, it is not. Hence the use of jumping on this article a bit quickly before fact checking.

90% of all gears achievements are less than 5% unlocked, Gears is predominantly played online.

Hope this helps.

Edit :


"On topic Gears is Niche and has never been one for high players, especially the campaign and DLC."

Exactly, 100% agree, it is like Halo, sure, some people play the campaign, but the majority play for the MP.

itsmebryan81d ago

I finished it and enjoyed it . It looked great on my 4ktv.

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NeoGamer23281d ago

Speak for yourself. Gears is younger then Halo, God of War, Mario, Zelda, GT, Ratchet & Clank, Forza Motorsports, and many, many other iconic franchises. And in many cases has had less iterations.

To me Gears is a unique third person shooter and it has plenty of life left in it. I enjoy running around with the lancer chainsaw and cutting baddies in half!

waverider81d ago

Story wise its long past its days. There is so much they can do in this kind of games. It lost the main stars and the one they create just dont cut it anymore. I think Gears and Gears 2 and 3 are the best. From there, story wise, it was always down. This Franchise was crazy good on the 360. A huge system seller. I think i still got a t-shirt from this game.

Orchard83d ago

Is TrueAchievements really an accurate way of measuring this? I believe they only scan their registered users, not the entire Xbox player base.

DJStotty83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

Correct, they only give a percentage of tracked gamers.

But even with that 92% of 39,000 tracked gamers have unlocked the achievement referenced in the article lol.

Edit : also the author fails to mention that 80-90% of all the Gears 5 achievements are rare.

waverider82d ago

The amount of damage control you are doing on this news is just crazy. There no spin here. The game is on gamepass... The numbers are low and this was the only new stuff you got from microsoft for the next gen. And Forza wasnt ever the graphics benchmark. A racer never is. You should now that by now. Gears is the top dog on graphics on the Xbox.

DJStotty80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

"Gears is the top dog on graphics on the Xbox."

But yet they chose Forza as a showcase of the power? strange that......

Gears or Halo, have never been used to showcase xbox's power, name one E3 where they used either franchise to showcase what an xbox can do... i'll wait..... (could be waiting some time)

Note : Calling an article out for trying to paint a franchise as "failing" "dead" or "on a downfall" is not damage controlling, it is calling out BS.

lellkay82d ago

Had absolutely zero interest in this expansion.

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