Halo Infinite's Battle Passes Give Me Hope For Multiplayer

Halo Infinite is making a lot of right moves when it comes to getting players excited for its multiplayer, including its Battle Passes.

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waverider90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

This game must be already out? So many «news» saying the same. Must get it, because it would be strange that so many «news» are being made about a online payed battle pass without even playing the game before.

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masterfox90d ago

Everybody glorifying this season pass thing, but everyone is forgetting that this is a free to play FPS, and 99% of the time an FPS of this type is flooded with MTs, I wouldnt be too excited if you ask me, you must be precautious imo so you dont end up disappointed.

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Activision90d ago

Halo Masterchief battle pass is completely Free, No Microtransactions.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is Free to Play with the same battle pass system.

There's a huge difference between them both... One is a Live Service and the other isn't.

Krog01189d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Define flooded? It is cosmetic only, and it is free to play. So unless you care about a skin or armor or whatever, it is completely free. Do you mind explaining why 10 cosmetic items vs 50 cosmetic items makes the game more agregious? Especially when 0 of those items are required to play every single piece of gameplay content on equal footing in totality.

Also, why do you care when you definitely will not be playing the game? Seems like sometimes people just want to find a reason to complain about anything on the console they don't prefer. (works both ways for sure)

Eamon89d ago

We'll have to wait and see if MS sticks to their word that nearly all cosmetics are unlockable in-game. And we'll have to wait and see how much grind is needed to unlock cosmetics. I suspect it will be similar to how it's done in Halo MCC, except with the added pay option.

Krog01189d ago

They didn't say unlockable in game, did they? Thought they said they all are unlockable in understandable/direct methods. (ie. not loot boxes or random draws)

brewin89d ago

Im pretty sure MS will be giving away lots of freebies thru GamePass perks for this thing! Thats another thing that people who dont have GP dont understand, is just how much free shit MS actually gives away for FTP games and stuff like that. Its crazy how much value GPU actually has when you factor in everything!

franwex89d ago

Well it’s not free as it’s $15 a month.
But I agree, they do give good incentives to their service.

waverider89d ago (Edited 89d ago )

Why do think that Microsoft went with a F2P on Halo? Money. Nothing more. They are trying to make more gamers spend more money on the game like all F2P games try. If you can buy the first battlepass or the 34 and then go back and get the 8...., imagine the amount of money they can make. I think its really smart to make more money. just that.

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Germaximus89d ago

Only a stupid child who has no idea what it's like to play video games before the mobile gaming boom would write garbage like this.

Germaximus89d ago

My bad. Please ignore. Didn't make it in time to remove.

FinalFantasyFanatic88d ago

I miss couch multiplayer, so hard to find those games these days.

Germaximus88d ago

That's always weird to me. I don't miss it that much just cuz the internet has made it easier but I do know what you mean. The physical interaction is always nicer.

FinalFantasyFanatic88d ago

Nothing like beating your friends down in the same room, online's not quite the same feeling, plus you need everyone to have the same platform/games for everyone to participate.