3 Reasons Why Far Cry 6 Will Be the Best Far Cry

Far Cry 6 is shaping up to be a pretty insane experience – but could it be the best Far Cry yet?

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demonseye82d ago

we will see. I'm gladly proven wrong if it gives me a great game. Ubisoft doesn't have a great record. but they have been improving a bit. so'll wait and see when it's released.

got_dam82d ago

There are always flashes of brilliance in there games but they never fulfill their potential. Every few years they put out an acceptable game that makes me think MAYBE they are starting to make a positive change in their formula. Unfortunately they always double down on their bullshit after that.

justadelusion82d ago

i hear this every single time a far cry game comes out.. and yet they are all the same game basically


Because they waited a few years this time for a sequel?

VivaChe82d ago

I liked FC5, but the one thing that killed it for me was that unavoidable, repeating sequence where you're forced to shoot your way out of that house in a time limit. Other than that I loved it.

JEECE82d ago

I highly doubt it will be better than 2, but I'll check it out.

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