Top 10 Underrated Female Characters in Video Games

Taking a look at the top 10 underappreciated female characters in video games

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demonseye86d ago

how are any of them underrated? I mean maybe wet undersold a little I give you that. but how are any of these characters specifically underrated?

isarai86d ago

Clementine is not underrated, everyone praises that character. The rest of the list is pretty good tho.

Knightofelemia86d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Glad to see Enslaved Odyssey to the West made the list the whole game is underrated it's a great sleeper hit I love the game. Also glad to see Alice make it as well love both of her games I personally thing she needs a new game. And I would flip for a new Parasite Eve game. But the list is missing Regina from Dino Crisis another game franchise I also miss and wish saw the light again.

porkChop85d ago

Wet was a flop from what I remember. No one played the game, which is why no one even knows who Rubi is.

I wouldn't say Faith is underrated. Mirror's Edge was a great experience, but Faith had next to no character development.

Clementine isn't underrated in any way. People love her character and the games were super popular.

Lightning? Is this a joke?

The rest of the list makes sense.

Yui_Suzumiya85d ago

I owned WET back in the day. It was awesome actually. Much more fun than God of War.

Phoenix7685d ago

Clementine!! Are you serious? I would rate her as great of a character as I would Ellie from TLoU pt1 (not 2).
To say she is underrated is just comical (no pun intended).

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