One Mass Effect image

Bioware updated the official Mass Effect site with this screen showing a new character/creature from Quarian race, the Galactic Nomads.

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PS360PCROCKS4908d ago

this was on IGN yesterday

THAMMER14908d ago

This is serious!!! I can not see how any gamer can resist a game like this. The 360 is on point like Carmen Electra nip**es.

JOLLY14908d ago

That Carmen Electra comment was hilarious. I honestly don't get how this game looks so dang good. I can't wait for it to come out. The gameplay is quite different. The amount of creativity that team has is insane. Good job boys!

FamoAmo4908d ago

GOW is only running at 40-50% of the 360's capability. Now bump it up to 60% for this game and their you go. Also I believe Halo3 will be utilizing alot of the 360 so I would assume that game is gonna blow anything away when released. MS hasn't showd us anything yet. Wait until this or Halo3...

Yo Wassap4908d ago

somebody's been watching too many late-night showings of the exorcist...


I'm expecting this title to be a really hard hitter, hopefully the gameplay will live up to the graphics

Grown Folks Talk4908d ago

hasn't let me down yet. after this, they can get to work on jade empire 2.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4908d ago

will make the nonbelievers * cough, Sony diehards cough * believe!
Bioware, Microsoft if any game deserved the" SPECIAL EDITION " treatment its this one. [ : )>