Monark by Shin Megami Tensei Devs for PS5, PS4, Switch, & PC Reveals Opening Cutscene in New Trailer

Today Furyu released a new trailer of its upcoming JRPG Monark for PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC, created by several Shin Megami Tensei veterans.

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Dabigsiebowski83d ago

Wish we could get more JRPG's with more of a Western Setting. The older FF games are legendary for the settings they established.

Outlawzz83d ago

Not sure wt u mean by western setting? You referring to combat? World ? Story ?

Which final fantasy game are you referring to? I don't know any with a western setting but that depends on wt you mean

CrimsonWing6983d ago

Final Fantasy games took place in the west?

Inverno83d ago

Medieval setting, which I would assume would count as western since Japan in the old days wasn't about that knight in shining armor life.
Least not in the same style

SegaSaturn66983d ago

I know the original Final Fantasy took place in the same location as Oregon Trail. Not sure about the rest.

BigMalk83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

FFVII-IX have a lot of western (mainly European) influenced architecture, mostly cities and villages.

IX always gave off a very German vibe from it's world and characters.

jznrpg83d ago

Definitely very interested in this . I’ve always loved Shin Megami Tensei back in the day on PS and since on Nintendo . Nintendo has clearly paid for it being exclusive for the last handful of games and PS can definitely benefit from games like this that are limited to the Switch. Hopefully it’s different and good enough to have it’s own identity and for sure it can be pushed farther than Shin Megami Tensei because it isn’t limited power wise by the Switch . Too bad it’s not next gen only but being their first game since leaving their former studio it makes sense to put it on PS4. I hope they do make a great game in the end .

Teflon0283d ago

Don't know what this game is but I'll have to see if it's something good. This was a cool trailer though

persona4chie83d ago

The one thing I never understood whenever I see this game come up, is the need to mention it’s developed by the “shin megami tensei devs” I love SMT and Persona. Sure I guess it drums up hype when people see that, but it’s also kinda misleading considering it’s former Altus developers. Not to mention that the reasons people like SMT, likely won’t be present in Monark otherwise it would probably be a SMT clone.

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