Grab Some Hot Titles Like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion at 50% Off Right Now

Whether you're trying to beat the heat or you're just trying to fend off the boredom, there are some fantastic deals this weekend on a bunch of must-buy titles.

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sourOG84d ago

I didn’t like Valhalla at first but it has grown on me in the recent weeks. I’m still of the mind that AC games have gotten way too large but I’m enjoying it and it’s well worth the half off tag.

romared40384d ago

Good idea, the mice would be welcome, I hope he'll take this into account.

jznrpg84d ago

I’ve seen Legion for 19.99 months ago . I’ll wait until it’s free on PS plus add it to library and probably never play it

chicken_in_the_corn84d ago

It's a great game. Definitely worth playing

GoodGuy0984d ago

Ill wait til vahalla hits $10 just like I did with origins and odyssey. Beat origins but took me a year or so to finally do so. Odyssey Im still working on. Man do I wish ac games could go back to the simple style of the old games, just action adventure story after story. No rpg, huge overwhelming boring open world, and filler nonsense.

philm8784d ago

I found Origins really boring, but Valhalla was excellent. I prefer bigger RPGs though generally, as long as they remain interesting. Valhalla didn't fill like a grind. There's of course loads of side missions etc., but it doesn't force you to do all of them to level up to where you need to be, plus a lot of the side content like the mysteries are excellent and really good fun.

brewin83d ago

Theres a deal where you can get Watch Dogs Legion and AC Valhalla for $50, thats a lot of game for your money! I know WD caught some flack for the "play as any NPC" gimmick and people tend to bag on any new AC game, but those are both pretty incredible experiences on the new gen systems! WD took a bit to finally click for me, but once it does grab you its a pretty damn fine game. The ray tracing is superb and the setting is wonderfully done. Its worth sticking with as once you get some upgraded tools for your team you really can let loose and cause some wonderfully chaotic mayhem!

Valhalla has become my top AC game, and Ive played them all. This walks a fine line between both AC styles. There are also some fantastic nods to older games that fans of the series absolutely should not miss! It is very large yes (Ive got 80 hours and am just nearing the end of the main game), but does not feel bogged down like Odyssey did at times with searching barren islands for new gear and stuff like that. Its more story-based side quests and the like. It also has some gameplay settings that can make it feel more like the old AC games. You really have full control over what kind of experience you want so you can cut out the 'fluff' if you like. Series X versions of both games are great though, so $50 for both digital is an amazing deal!