Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Review: An Undercooked Cauldron of Lore (PC) - KeenGamer

KeenGamer: "Collect lost tomes of history, upgrade gear and skills, and slay the foulest creatures in the land. While Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance has a range of detailed environments to explore, and some beautifully crafted lore within, somewhere along the lines the story fails to really hammer home the immersive experience you might hope for in a Dungeons & Dragons title."

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Bender650284d ago

I'm a sucker for anything D&D, so would have purchased this. One of the few times I'm really glad to have gamepass.

spicelicka83d ago

So glad I got to try it on Gamepass. It has a lot of potential, but the gameplay is just so terribly buggy, I think it will slowly get fixed with updates and then I'll give it another shot.