The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Why It's Still Great 10 Years On

KeenGamer: "With Skyrim's 10th anniversary just around the corner, let's discuss why this legendary game is still great after all this time. Whether it's fighting dragons, delving into caverns or chowing down on a sweet roll - there's still something for even the most traveled adventurer to enjoy."

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isarai90d ago

Eh, obvion was better, and Morrowind WAAAAY better in terms of being purely an RPG. Skyrim is more an action game than an rpg, so damn limited and honestly just drab and not very creative by comparison.

-Foxtrot90d ago

Yeah, I mean the amount of times I restarted Oblivion, doing the sewer tutorial over and over because I could only continue until my build felt right. It might be annoying to some but having that kind of detail in what you want to be, your choices, the core skills you wanted to focus on levelling up felt like everything you did mattered.

Skyrim it was like "Oh you're a mage? Well don't worry later on you can change it to whatever you want"

I don't mind allowing you to get everything but not on the first play through, make a new game + and let us have fun from there.

LordoftheCritics90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

''Skyrim it was like "Oh you're a mage? Well don't worry later on you can change it to whatever you want"

I'm glad my time was valued.
I am completely fine with a full fledged single playthrough.

Rebel_Scum90d ago

Ya know ya could’ve just played the game that way if you really wanted to. Thats on you man.

Personally I prefer the single playthrough format and getting a decent balance with a variety of skills.


Skyrim just had a far less beautiful world. Morrowind and Oblivion had beautiful fantasy worlds with varying climates, Skyrim all just feels like drab snowy mountains. I want to explore places I can’t in real life. Skyrim was missing that for me.


All these people talking about the game valuing their time I kind of disagree with. Like yeah if you want to be able to switch all your stats and character at random fine but that’s such a superficial way to experience a character class. Like trying it for an hour is so much less engrossing than being stuck as this thing. It’s a role playing game. You pick you’re role and build on it, that’s role playing.

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LordoftheCritics90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I liked Skyrim a lot more than those two.

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Vegamyster89d ago


You’re acting like Morrowwind and Oblivion were incredibly deep games lol, less janky doesn’t mean you like simpler games lol.

Sidewinder-90d ago (Edited 90d ago )

I played Skyrim more than I feel like I did on release, barely scratched the surface still and never completed.

I wanted to run through the previous games again with intent to start Skyrim again.

Morrowind: Brilliance.

Oblivion: I completed it once on 360 and remember it being a graphical master-stroke but a ball-ache to play. After trying again recently I. COULD. NOT. get past how broken the game is. It's been said before to death but it's true. The scaling ruins the experience. You cannot "roleplay" the way you want to play because the game will steamroll you if you don't min/max. The excuse "well just mod it" is not an excuse. You want a vanilla experience like Morrowind, where there is a challenge but fairness. Places you can and cannot go until you are ready, and you learn. The quests, graphics, audio and dialogue still has its charm but outside of that... it baffles me.

Skyrim: The one thing that puts me off Skyrim is the "lazy" DLC implementations. I only have the original version, without DLC's - (which are still purchasable but at a ridiculous premium). The only recourse is to buy the Special Edition, which I'd like, but I hear you just get pummeled by Vampires at low level because of the DLC's.
I'm also a bit bitter to the fact when I originally played, I rolled an Argonian, and the Male Argonian does not have it's own distinct PC voice - that felt fucking stupid imo.
I was attempting a pure thief style build. Oblivion did this also, but it just feels strange how you're able to enter all guilds willy-nilly. There's no restriction. Again, no roleplaying. Aside from that I really wanted to play it again, but the Oblivion situation leaves me feeling like "fuck it". lol

nitus1090d ago

I enabled all the DLC prior to starting Skyrim and a few hours later regretted doing that. Yes getting pummelled by vampires early in the game gets frustrating really quickly. I found that it was better to restart the game but this time to enable the Dragonborn DLC only since that seemed to (at least to me) integrate much better with the main game. Still I enjoyed playing Skyrim and spent well over a 200 hours on the game.

One thing I did notice with Skyrim is the game gets ridiculously easy as you progress thought he game such that I found it necessary to increase the difficulty level and I started off in "Expert" which IMHO is a reasonable challenge for the first 60 to 80 hours.

As for Oblivion, I actually liked the game but I did not know at the time that the enemy levels up when you do. I got to the stage where combat became frustrating so I just restarted the game but this time I was much more careful with levelling.

As an aside I found that fighting in first person was better for me in Oblivian while fighting in third party mode was better for me in Skyrim.

Fluttershy7790d ago

Oh my god, just buy the game or don't
"oh no but I heard the vampires at low level..."

Brazz90d ago

Skyrim is a great game, but it has 1 problem that I hope will be solved in future TES.
Narrative, world building, interaction with NPCs and the world, Side quests, it's all good, but the gameplay... with the exception of a few gameplay options like using stealth-focused archery, Skyrim's gameplay is quite disappointing. Melee combat is a complete joke, Spells are also a disappointment... I hope they improve in this area.


On top of that the biggest thing to me is the world just isn’t that interesting. It’s almost all entirely snowy mountains. Oblivion and morrowind these incredibly beautiful and creative fantasy worlds to explore, Skyrim just felt like earth in snowy mountains.

DOMination-89d ago

I'm not really sure what you're expecting.. Skyrim is the northernmost part of the continent... its like criticising Diablo for having too many dungeons!

Bender650290d ago

It's a great game for sure, but in my opinion it's still being played because there little to replace it.

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