Battlefield 2042 Movement System Will Build Upon BFV Confirms DICE

DICE has confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 movement system will be based on the Battlefield V (BFV) movement, and will build upon it.

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D3TH_D33LR84d ago

Good news for sure. One of few good things to come out of BFV was it’s movement and gunplay

Kornholic84d ago

Seriously? BF1-BFV gunplay feels so bad compared to BF3-4.

Smok9184d ago (Edited 84d ago )

The aiming and gun system has already been confirmed to feel more smooth, and a closer feel in terms of smoothness to COD.

This article is only in reference to movement not gun play.

D3TH_D33LR83d ago (Edited 83d ago )

@ kornholic You’re on the wrong side of that debate with a massive majority of active battlefield players agreeing that bfv gunplay and movement was leagues above bf4s slow and clunky gunplay.

@smok91 regardless of what’s in the article, bfvs combat already did feel closer to COD so I stand firm on my stance that this next game will feel just as similar

Kornholic83d ago


Not really, the majority of BF player base thinks BF4 is superior to BFV. Gameplay/gunplay plays a huge part in that difference.

StoneyYoshi83d ago

Player movement in BFV makes BF4 feel like a clunky mess. You can actually climb stuff thats higher than your knee now. You can slide, prone dive to the front, back, left, and right. You can fluidly jump through a 2nd/3rd floor window into a rolling animation etc... The gunplay opinion is subjective but I objectively feel that character movement is much much better which is the point of this article. Not the Gunplay.

Fluke_Skywalker83d ago

Movement is defo better in BF5 but for sure gunplay (aiming, recoil etc) is better in BF4.

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TheColbertinator84d ago

Better map design would be nice. BFV had the most irritating maps I ever fought on and was the main reason I gave up the game.

Smok9184d ago (Edited 84d ago )

If I can’t go from a spring to sliding a foot or two that’s gonna suck. I enjoy when it’s done more realistically so we don’t sprint THEN have to crouch, and go prone. It should be one quick movement to help fit reality. Diving or quick crouching into cover seems way more likely than the sprinting to cover then crouch. Especially in hardcore losing the a ability to be more tactical would suck.

excaliburps84d ago

I think the sliding is OK provided it's taken down a notch. BFV sliding was insane. It was like reverse bunny hopping. xD

Smok9183d ago

Yeah, agreed. I’d like to see it stay and trend toward realism.

StoneyYoshi83d ago

It just needs to be toned down. It would be dumb to completely remove such a mechanic to the rest of the fluid movements you can do in BFV.

John_McClane83d ago

Yeah, the sliding uphill and around corners definitely needs to be toned down.

CertifiedGamer84d ago

How about they give us complete destructible environments instead of selective destruction on game maps. I don't care for big maps if half the things are indestructible. I want Battlefield to go back to being battlefield instead of COD copy cat. I remember there being a time when I actually liked this series.

Nitrowolf284d ago

I want full destruction also. I think all fans would ha

StoneyYoshi83d ago

They have stated on countless occasions that it's not healthy for map balancing across the entirety of the game mode time. For instance if you had a custom server with thousands of tickets. Halfway through you would have nothing to use as cover and it would turn into a snipe fest. I do think they need to up their ante with how much gets destroyed though. It's one thing when it's for balance but it's another thing when you cant take a chunk out of a building if you crash into it or hit it with explosives like in real life. We don't need total collapsing of buildings but we do need more environment destruction.

I would like it if the inside of the buildings had destruction on the level of how those close quarters maps on BF3 worked.

Fluke_Skywalker83d ago

BC2's destruction was pretty spot on. Almost all buildings could be levelled but they didn't completely dissappear, there was a pretty hefty pile of rubble left which provided ample cover.

StoneyYoshi83d ago


While I agree the destruction was pretty spot on, the maps were also balanced for 32 players max on PC. It's not as easy when you expand the maps more and add more players. BC2 maps at least at launch were fairly condensed from what I remember.

boing183d ago

Great to hear. I'm a fan of crouched sprinting they introduced in BFV.

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