The eFootball PES 2022 "Performance Test" (aka. demo) is a Hot Mess and I'm Worried

COG writes: After missing E3, many feared the worst for eFootball PES 2022 but in an odd move, Konami stealth released a demo, kind of. Titled 'New Football Game Online Performance Test', the demo shows a bare-bones version of what the new release will be like.

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MaximusPrime_87d ago

Not meant to be perfect.. the clue is in the title "New Football Game Online Performance Test". This is not a final demo

nirwanda87d ago

I played on series X and I haven't played a worse football game for a couple of generations.
I understand it's a test but for me to delete after half a match shows how bad it is.
And I liked all recent pro evos.

ocelot0787d ago

I did the exact same thing deleted half way through it was just so slow and sluggish and frustrating. I know it's a test and all for online performance maybe that's why they titled it new football game so it the demo does not tarnish the PES name.

At least that's what I am hoping is the case. As I love PES.

smolinsk86d ago

Yes it was absolutely an horrible demo, worst ever pes demo by a mile.