Lifeline Gets Nerfed in New Apex Legend Patch

New Apex Legends patch notes released. Lifeline will be getting nerfed by making changes to her legs and waist, she's defensive and offensive.

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MetroidFREAK2186d ago

And chalk up another reason to move away from my main...

Snookies1286d ago (Edited 86d ago )

Yep, she was my main until the last patch that got rid of her revive shield. Hardly play her now... Now I feel like Bloodhound is the go-to for just about any team composition.

MetroidFREAK2186d ago

Yeah, that shield nerf was a bit too far... now reviving team mates are sitting ducks and I hate it. I've moved to Octane. I just like his animations, quips and how speedy he is lol.

Furesis86d ago

They just adjusted the hit box to match her character model better, and low profile isn't a thing anymore so. Sure it's a slight nerf but her gameplan is still the same. And they did make Revenants mid torso smaller so that's a slight buff for him(among other things). There's more to the patch notes i wonder why this only focuses on Lifeline?