Halo Infinite's Permanent Seasons Will Become The Industry Standard

Just like Halo: Combat Evolved modernized first-person shooters back in 2001, Halo Infinite will revolutionize how studios implement seasons and battle passes in their games.

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Jin_Sakai86d ago

Should’ve been the industry standard to begin with.

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Smok9185d ago

Consumers didn’t agree. They ate it up.

neutralgamer199286d ago

Should have been that way a long hike ago. It's absurd to think content you pay for is taken away and gamers are fine with it. We as gamers lack the cohesiveness to stick together and demand better instead we become fanboys of these companies and defend their bad practices

Eamon86d ago

I think it's more to do with the masses rather than informed gamers not taking action. The people who read up on this stuff make up a drop in the ocean of players who absolutely don't care at all. Also, a lot of these players are kids. A lot of parents see paying $9.50 a month for the next Fortnite pass as a cheap enough way to make their kids happy.

Good on Microsoft for taking a moral step on this, which itself is quite surprising. It's possible MS is targeting an untapped older teen or adult player base who see $9.50 monthly passes as financially nonviable. The new adult generation - millennials - are having less children and later in their lives, and are less likely to be homeowners meaning most of their monthly salary goes to rent and expenses. If MS see this new generation of adults as the prime customer base for Halo Infinite MP over the next 10 years, then it makes sense why they adopted this business model.

neutralgamer199285d ago


Remember that star wars BF2 fiasco that even got Disney CEO involved that's how much power we as gamers have. And I think you are right about Ms target audience being a bit older. millennials are a weird generation man they are so into trends and following others. If we were to throw these millennials back into the 80's I don't think they would survive for long haha 😂. What the heck is a VCR, what you mean I don't have iphone and instead walk to my friends house or ride a bike haha 😆

Notellin85d ago

Paying money for digital content that expires if not unlocked is one of the most absurd things the gaming community has accepted.

neutralgamer199285d ago

Yes also those download vouchers that contain either pre order bonus content or dlc expansions also have expiration dates. Which is just as absurd because all that content is available to buy but if you buy a new copy of the game few years after release you maybe out of luck

Rhythmattic85d ago

Thats ok if its not the only choice you've got..
But if/when physical is replaced, we can thank this sub model....

Eg, Get a game on a sub, cancel sub... Like a Game, go buy it second hand.... well, in the SP space.....
But if it was never Physical, what's the option, Pirating? Something thats most likely Mp only , with no campaign?
We are doomed..... (Damn, I must go play that again, because it's possible.. will it always be that way>)

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Inverno86d ago

No it won't. Fortnite cemented the standard for season passes for years to come. HALO will be the exception, and it'll most likely have a very strong player base because of this. I think we've all had the thought of something like this for years now when extra downloadable content started being a thing two generations ago. We thought of multiplayer games with near endless support, but instead we got map packs and then season passes and sequels every two years which killed off the previous and fragmented the player base. Microtransactions won't go away season passes won't go away so long as people are willing to pay for them

Eamon85d ago

Customer trends will always set the market. At some point, the fortnite kids will grow up and lose interest and the older teens now will become adults with less money in their wallets as their parents. The late-2000s and 2010s spending bonanza will not return this decade, I think. And I think MS has realised this.

PrinceAli85d ago

The thing about Fortnite is that it is sucha great symbiotic game that it will evolve WITH the times so it wont effect the game in any meaningful way.. the OP is right Fortnite has set the trend and Halo will simply be the exception and not the rule itself.

Inverno84d ago

Yeaaaa but kids grow up to buy Fifa and Madden as adults and keep them bad money wasting habits. It's gonna be something huge before the market shifts to less shady practices

Zeref85d ago

You think fortnite doesn't copy other games, just because it's the market leader? Before Apex you couldn't even revive your teammates in fortnite or ping stuff

jznrpg86d ago

Don’t want free to play games so no thanks

Krog01186d ago (Edited 86d ago )

1. This can and should be how seasonal passes work, what does that have to do with you specifically wanting to play F2P?
2. There are many $40-60 games that have seasonal passes, so kinda weird take to be complaining about a F2P game.
3. Billions of people play F2P games and spend most of their time in those games, just because you don't really seems kind of irrelevant to the point of this article.

just look at the most played games.

For me, I am 100% fine with getting games I love for free that the only paid content is not only optional, but not random/lootbox and cosmetic only.

Xbox and PS most played games are F2P also, so it is not even like you are the norm regardless of platform:

Notellin85d ago

Get off my lawn kids!!!!!!!!

Godmars29086d ago

How has something yet to be released or reacted to become the standard for an industry that goes out of its way not to fully emulate a contemporary much less a direct competitor?

--Onilink--86d ago

“Goes out of its way NOT to fully emulate a contemporary or a direct competitor?”

What industry are you talking about? because the games industry I know basically always tries to copy anything successful.

Im pretty sure I’m not imagining basically every multiplayer game copying the skin stores, battle passes or season model.

Godmars29085d ago

The one that had Sony and MS lift vibration tech from Nintendo? Their own ideas of motion control that came out around the same time which all sputtered and died? VR and AR that birthed everything from paywalling Amiibos to Facebook putting of all things social restrictions and requirements on something you BUY? Any number of Call of Duty clones and the damage that's done. You mean THAT industry?

They may copy from each other constantly, but its to make derivatives that they can call their own if only not get sued. Then there's spiteful crap like copyrighting tools like the Nemesis system so that if anyone even tries to make something remotely similar they will be sued.

And what are we talking about here? Permanent seasons and battle passes? Glorified DLC which itself is an industry bane. No longer making virtual items artificially scarce is really suppose to be some kind of innovation?

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