Dark Souls Nightfall Fan-Made Sequel Trailer and Details Emerge, Out December 2021

Check out Dark Souls Nightfall, a fan-made sequel to the original game that's due in December 2021! Trailer & game details revealed.

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Eamon90d ago

Hmm, feels like it takes place after the The Dark Lord ending where the player chooses not to relink the fire and usher in an Age of Dark.

Funny enough, despite the "Age of Dark" being central to the Dark Souls lore, we barely know anything about it and have seen almost nothing of it.

Perhaps the only time we see something resembling an Age of Dark is in Dark Souls 3, where we travel back in time to the past version of the Cemetery of Ash - The Untended Graves and fight Champion Gundyr.

Eamon89d ago

Dark Souls: 2011
Dark Souls 3: 2016

iamtimmy89d ago

Dude. There's nothing to even spoil. Enigmatic ass lore central plot. There's a time for spoiler tags and then there's this.

PurpHerbison89d ago

Pretty interesting. Although the Anor Londo building at the end seemed pretty janky and out of place, everything else looked great!


Unfortunately us console players are screwed on this. Guess it's time to pull out the old 7970 and dust off my PC...

specialguest89d ago

Damn, that takes me back. That card was a great card for its time


Yeah I've had it since it came out. Seriously outdated but like you said it was a great card for it's time. I'm not big on PC gaming so I never bothered to update it.

89d ago