‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Alters Roadmap, Plus Some Spider-Man News

Crystal Dynamics has decided based on player feedback to change their focus from the upcoming Wasteland patrol activity to getting their first Omega-Level threat activity live as soon as they can. That would be the Kate Bishop story fight against the Super Adaptoid, and this version will be a multiplayer only version (no AI) that presents additional challenges and should prove to be the toughest activity in the game. Previously, it didn’t seem like any Omega-level threats were going to make it out before Black Panther, but now that’s changed. Patrols? Those might not be until after Black Panther now.

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Snakeeater2588d ago

More robots please and more robots bosses fight! We need more !!!

ZeekQuattro88d ago

One Spider Slayer robot coming right up. Lol

Tedakin88d ago

We need more woods and hallways to fight them in too. Please, Crystal Dynamics. More woods and hallways to fight more robots in!

InUrFoxHole88d ago

I was just at gamestop today and there was myself and another customer. The employee and the customer were debating DC and marvel. Both ended up crapping on this game lol

Double_O_Revan88d ago

Wait, is Spiderman still not in the game? Holy crap. That was a useless exclusive deal.

Highrevz88d ago

The whole situation was daft but Iirc they did say Spider-Man wouldn’t be added till a later date.

I don’t own the game but I have to give them credit for continuing to work on it and add content.

-Foxtrot88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

If I was Sony I'd probably just ask for my money back and tell them they can bring it for all versions.

Tedakin88d ago

The Spider-Man DLC thing caused a pretty big stink when it was announced, then the game was released and died pretty quick nullifying the whole thing.

addictedtochaos88d ago

Does anyone care about this game anymore?

NeoGamer23287d ago

I keep watching and hoping for a reason to pick this game up. Unfortunately they have yet to provide one.

TylerID88d ago

If this game had a longer single player experience and no online to grind, I would have probably bought it.

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The story is too old to be commented.