Nvidia is increasing RTX 3060 supply, will be offered to internet cafes first

A “large number of goods” are expected to arrive on the market around July 10.

More RTX 3060s will eventually be available to purchase through retailers.

John_McClane1093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

Makes me wanna buy AMD instead.

ElvisHuxley1093d ago

Unless raytracing is a big concern, you might as well, assuming you can get one at or close to MSRP.

1093d ago
John_McClane1093d ago

I don't really care about RT but I doubt there are any cards close to MSRP right now.

ElvisHuxley1093d ago

How about offering them to gamers? Also, 3070 and 3080? I thought it was tough to get a ps5, that was child's play compared to the 3000 series GPUs.

Eidolon1093d ago

I thought gamers go to internet cafes.

Kornholic1092d ago (Edited 1092d ago )

Technically it's easier to get a 3000 series GPU than a PS5, because you can always buy a pre-built machine that comes with a 3060, 3070 or 3080. Those are readily available.

annoyedgamer1093d ago

There is no 3060 FE edition which means they are increasing chip shipments to AIBs.

Parasyte1093d ago

The longer they’re in business, the more I hate Nvidia.

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NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry

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Einhander19721d 9h ago

"NVIDIA's Generative AI-Powered Modding Tool Is A Gamechanger For The Industry"

True, the especially for all the industry that gets put out of work by it.

generic-user-name1d 7h ago

Have you ever used a self service checkout in a store? Should we ditch alarm clocks so that we can hire people to shoot peas at our bedroom windows to wake us up like they did in the 1800s?

Einhander19721d 7h ago

Working at a grocery store as a checkout clerk used to be a respectable job that could support a family.

romulus231d 7h ago

I try to avoid them at all costs, why should we do a cashiers/clerks job without any training and without being paid for it? Comparing people losing their jobs to A.I. to people from the 1800's shooting peas is hilarious, good try though.

just_looken19h ago

Gues you never saw the fast food joints that had ai everything even cooking was done by robots.


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Obscure_Observer2d ago


That´s why you getting none. Keep on giving Sony a pass while real Playstation fans are giving them a hard time demanding better.

Cacabunga2d ago

Given the competition they have why should they waste money on them?

ChasterMies2d ago

PlayStation is the number 1 selling console. Sony’s marketing strategy is working. Also consider that Microsoft is now a 3rd party publisher. They will go where the other 3rd party publishers go. I’m sure you’ll eventually see Halo in a PlayStation State of Play.

JackBNimble2d ago

Yeah, why should sony waist money on the fans who keep propping them up no matter what?
Can you imagine if MS was software only, why would sony ever do shows?

northpaws2d ago


Out of all humans I know, you are the least qualified one to tell people to stop giving a company they support a pass.